I will try to update the Calendar so that parents and students can see what they will be doing the following week. If a student misses a day or is going to miss a day, please refer to this webpage to see what they missed or will miss. 

Week of September 15 - September 12  ---- Theme: Cardinal Directions and the World

Language Arts - Will focus on punctuation in writing or beg. reading depending on which the student is in.

Math - Depending on the student we will be either working on number recognition or adding and subtracting.

Social Studies - We will be talking about cardinal directions and the world in one group and the other group will be talking about the different cultures in our world.

Science - We will be doing Earth Science.


  • Classical Music Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Fall Hat Month
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • National Piano Month
  • Chicken Month
  • Baby Safety Month
  • Little League Month
  • Honey Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • Better Breakfast Month

09/01/08 - Labor Day

09/03/08 - Skyscraper Day

09/05/08 - Be late for something day and Cheese Pizza Day

09/06/08 - Read a Book Day

09/07/08 - Grandparent Day

09/09/08 - Teddy Bear Day

09/11/08 - Make your Bed Day

09/12/08 - Chocolate Milk Shake Day and National video Games Day

09/14/08 - National Pet Memorial Day

09/16/08 - Step Family Day, Mayfliower Day, Mexican Independence Day, National Play Doh Day, and Working Parents day

09/17/08 - National Apple Dumpling Day, Citizen Ship Day, Constitution Day

09/19/08 - International Talk like a Pirate Day, National Butterscotch Pudding Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day

09/20/08 - Oktoberfest begins

09/26/08 - Native American Day

09/28/08 - National Good Neighbor Day

09/01/08 - First Day of Autumn