Message to Parents

Hello Parents and Guardians!!


I hope through this website you are now better able to help your child in his or her success. Feel free to contact me with whatever questions, thoughts, or concerns you may have.

The students should all be bringing home a parent/guardian letter to not only inform you about this website but to also give you some insite on what is going to be expected of you as their parents and of the kids throughout the school year. Parents/guardians are VERY important in students' lives in guiding them down the right path, showing excitement over achievements, expressing interests in education as well as the student's individual interests, and helping them succeed at tasks that they may struggle with. 

To start the year off the first take home assignment requires your help. Most assignments that are considered homework will require minimum or even maximum help with the task. The first simply is your signiture stating that you have read the letter. You do not have to sign the picture permission slip. Students that are able to have their picture taken will have their pictures posted on this website only and not used for any other reasons. The second assignment requires help from parents/guardians to find pictures that can be cut, taped, and formed into a mini book that will be used to show the other students about their family, friends, pets, and important events in their lives. If you do not have any pictures for your child to use, please contact me and I will work something out with the use of magazine pictures for your child.  

I look forward in meeting all of you.


Macey Boseck