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Welcome to the 2nd grade chapter of the story of your life! I'm so glad I get to be a part of it. laugh


My Core Beliefs as an Educator:

1. You are important.

2. The world needs you to be the leaders, dreamers, and workers of tomorrow, so what we're doing in the classroom today directly impacts possible outcomes in the future.

3. Every student can learn, and it's my job to figure out how best to make learning happen.

4. No one can ever know it all, but everyone can be kind.

5. Every decision you make shapes the person you are, and every minute of every day is another chance to make good choices.


Rules to Live By:

BE KIND! We are all human beings with dignity, worthy of respect. Let's treat each other that way.

PRACTICE RESPECT! We are part of a community. The way we behave in our community and treat our community resources determines what kind of community we get to have.

DO THE WORK! There is no substitute for putting in the work.


What happens when you make bad choices?

1. You get "the eye".

2. You get a verbal warning.

3. You get a reminder.

4. You get in-class isolation.

5. You get silent lunch.

6. You lose recess time.

7. I will call your home.

8. I will send you to the office.


(Depending on the level of the offence, you may not have the option of watching me go through all these steps.)


What happens when you make good choices?

You will get praised!

You will feel good in your heart!

You will pave the way to a bright future for yourself!

You will earn TEACHER STAR POINTS!!!

Teacher Star Points are points you earn for making good choices--doing things that are extra kind, smart, awesome, and otherwise demostrative of a student on the rise! 

You can redeem your points for individual and classroom incentives.


You will also have a chance to earn blue tickets as part of our school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention Program.



If you EVER need help understanding something, I will always try my best to make myself available to help because I want you to be SUCCESSFUL! As I said before, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!