First Quarter 


First Quarter


Week 1 (August 27-31)

Day 1: bell work-"Getting to Know You BINGO" handout , Motivational Monday: Kid President-Back to School Video, introduce ourselves, go over rules and rewards for the class, discuss school/classroom procedures, discuss classroom schedule, play "Getting to Know You BINGO", talk about growth mindset vs. fixed mindset, ELA: introduce concept of Poetry, Math: Introduce concept of categorical vs. numerical data and graphing, math language dry erase board game, Social Studies: Jobs in Local Government.

Homework: Reading-"Manatees", Math-"School Population" sheet


Day 2: bell work-"Student Interest Survey"handout, ELA: go over Reading homework, set up "clock partners", read and write "Where I'm From" poem, Math: go over Math homework, create a survey question for your classmates, graph the answers, 4th Grade Expectation Assembly, Social Studies: Review Roles of departments of local government

Homework: Reading-"Blue Whales", Math-"Tracking Temperatures" sheet


Day 3: bell work-"Reading Interest Survey" handout, talk about star point rewards, ELA: go over Reading homework, go over imagery, Math: go over Math homework,  answer word problems about the graphs we made, Social Studies: Who would you ask? (in local government)

Homework: Reading-"Turtles", Math-"Trees in Local Parks" sheet


Day 4: bell work-"noun vs. verb" handout, ELA: go over Reading homework, Writing: choose "Blue is..." or "Black is..." statements to turn into an "I" poem, Technology: CIPA Presentation Math: go over Math homework, math language, answer word problems about the graphs we made, Social Studies: Journal-A School With No Rules, Focus: Where do I live? (in the world)

Homework: Reading-"A World Under the Water", STUDY FOR MATH QUIZ-know 2 types of data, 3 types of graphs, and be able to answer word problems using data and graphs.  New Address Verfification Form went home for parents to sign.


Day 5: bell work-"Simple Sentences", ELA: go over Reading homework, Introduce the concepts of Main Idea and Supporting Details, Informational Reading-"Edgar Allan Poe"-highlight for main idea and supporting details, Introduce the Idea of Fact vs. Opinion-identify facts and opinions in the article, Review Key Concepts for Math Quiz, Math Quiz, Chromebook Presentation 1:00-1:30pm. Social Studies: Jobs in Local Government Review Game

Homework: No Homework! Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!



Week 2 (September 3-7)

Day 1-***Labor Day Holiday, NO SCHOOL!***


Day 2-bell work-"Fragment or Complete Sentence" handout, ELA: Introduce the concept of Narrative Poetry, start reading "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and chart narrative elements, look at rhythm and syllabication in "The Raven",  Math: Introduce Base 10 and review addition and subtration strategies, Social Studies: A School Without Rules/Why does NC Need a Constitution if America has one? Write a class constitution.

Homework: Reading-"Sneakers", Math: Addition and Subtraction practice


Day 3-bell work-Adjectives and Adverbs, ELA: go over Reading homework, do a close reading of "The Raven" and identify the literary elements, Math: go over homework, Addition and Subtraction Strategies, go over Math quiz, Social Studies: The Past Constitutions of NC, 3 Branches of NC government

Homework: Reading-"Autumn", Math: Addition and Subtraction practice


Day 4-bell work-"Conjunctions and Compound Sentences" handout, ELA: go over Reading homework, go over literary elements in "The Raven", Writing: plan a narrative that takes place on a dark and stormy night. Math:  addition, subtraction, and graphing--Place Value Tower Challenge

Homework: Reading-"Raking Leaves to Earn Money", Math-Addition and Subtraction practice 


Day 5-bell work-"Parts of Speech Sort" handout, set up Google classroom, ELA: go over Reading Homework, introduction to writing a narrative Math: Quiz on Data and Graphing, go over homework

 1:45 Candy Man Fundraiser Kick Off

Grandparents are invited to come for lunch for Grandparents Day! 😄

Homework:  No homework! Have a great weekend!


Week 3 (September 10-14)

Day 1-bell work-"Poetry Vocabulary Matching" handout, Motivational Monday-"TYD's If You Give a Child a Word" and respond: What happens if you give a child a word? What does this mean for you? , Continue Working on Narratives, Math: Divide into Math Groups.  Group 1-Continue with Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Group 2 & 3 Continue on Graphing & Interpreting Data, Social Studies: Comparing City and County Government

Homework: Reading-"The Great Sneaker Theft", Math: "Addition and Subtraction" sheet


Day 2-bell work-"What's Wrong With These Sentences" handout, ELA: Go over Reading homework, Review Vocabulary, Math: go over Math homework, Math Centers: Group 1-Continue with Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Group 2 & 3 Continue on Graphing & Interpreting Data, Science: Hurricane Safety

Homework-Reading-"Labradors", Math "Motivation Math", Study for Poetry Vocabulary Quiz


Day 3-bell work-study for vocabulary quiz,  ELA: go over Reading homework, ELA: Read "The Real Sam McGee" Identify main idea, supporting details, facts, and opinions, continue working on your narrative, Math: go over Math homework

Homework-No Homework!  BE SAFE!

Day 4-No School due to inclement weather.


Day 5-No School due to inclement weather.


Hispanic Heritage Month begins September 15th


Week 4 (September 17-21)

Day 1-No school due to flooding


Day 2-No school due to flooding

Day 3-bell work-"Hurricane Reflection", Reading-"The Cremation of Sam McGee"-main idea/supporting details/facts/opinions, Math-Addition and Subtraction Strategies, Science-"Introduction to Scientific Method", M&M experiment

Homework-ELA-study your flashcards (for a star point you can finish making the full set), Poetry Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle, Math-Subtraction Practice

Day 4-bell work-"Fact or Opinion", ELA- go over homework,"The Cremation of Sam McGee"chart narrative details, Math-go over homework, Subtraction Strategies, Science-Introduction to Matter, Is Air Matter? Experiement

Homework-ELA-study your flashcards QUIZ tomorrow!, Math-Subtraction Practice 

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Day 5-bell work-Study for Your Poetry Vocabulary Quiz, ELA-Poetry Vocabulary Quiz, "The Creation of Sam McGee" chart literary elements, Math-go over homework, Math-Subtraction Strategies, Science-Changing States of Matter

No Homework! Have a good weekend!



Week 5 (September 24-28)

Day 1-bell work-Quotations Mark Practice,  ELA-Finish Your Narrative, Make Suggested Changes, Complete the Narrative Checklist, Math Groups-Moby Max for some people/Extra Addition&Subtraction Strategies for some people,  Guidance-What Does a Counselor Do?, Science-Changing States of Matter, Root Beer Float Experiment

Homework-Reading-"Main Idea and Supporting Details", Math-"Cluster 1-Quick Writes"

Day 2-bell work-Quotations Mark Practice, Watch "Main Idea" video and answer questions, Main Idea Practice, Math-4th Grade Birth Month Quizizz, Review for 4th Grade Common Assessment on Graphing & Data, Science-Changes in States of Matter Understanding Check.

Homework-Reading "Main Idea and Supporting Details", Math-"Kittens"

Day 3-bell work-quotation marks practice, ELA-main idea and supporting detail practice, Math-4th Grade Common Assessment on MD.4 (graphing & data)

Homework-Reading "Main Idea Cards". Math-"Subtraction Warm Up" Time Your Student to see how quickly they can complete this sheet.  Then go back and check it for accuracy.  Circle the ones they got wrong, if any, and let them try again.

Day 4-bellwork-Quotations Mark Quizizz, Reading-go over homework, 4th Grade Common Assessment on RI.4.2, Math-Go over homework, go over assessment, Team Addition and Subtraction, Science-Written Conversations Review

Homework-Reading-"Which Dog is Right for You?", Math-"4th Grade NC.4.NBT.4"

Day 5-bellwork-Quotation Marks, ELA-Charting Narrative Elements, Planning a Narrative about losing something, Math-go over homework, Addition and Subtraction re-test, Science-Types of Rock and Properties of Rocks

Homework-No Homework!  Have a good weekend!


Week 6 (October 1-5)

Day 1-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Aa, Motivational Monday: "Motivational Video For Students" journaled response, ELA-Literary Elements in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Math-Math Groups-Addition and Subtraction Remediation, Greater than Less Than, Place Value, Multiplication times 10, Science-Investigating Rocks

Homework-Reading "The Accident",   Math-"NBT.1&2"

Day 2-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Bb, Writing-Write a Personal Narrative, ELA-Poetry Unit Test Study Guide, Math-Greater Than, Less Than, Place Value, Multiplication, Retooling-Main Idea, Science-Investigating Rocks

Homework-Reading "A Broken Arm", Math-"NBT.1&2", Study for Your Poetry Unit Test

Day 3-SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Cc, ELA-POETRY UNIT TEST, Math Quizizz Review NBT.1/NBT.2/NBT.4/Multiplications Tables, Science-Investigating Rocks

Homework-Reading "Sports Tryouts", Math-"NBT.1&2"

Day 4-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Dd, ELA-rewrite 5 sentences you made an error in, Planning a Narrative-A Time I Won Something, Math-Estimation Strategies (rounding), Science-Matter Study Guide

Homework-Reading "Making the Team", ELA-Complete Vocabulary Parade Handout, Math-Memorize the Rounding Rhyme, Candy Man Fundraiser Money and Field Trip Money Due tomorrow!!!

Day 5-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Ee, ELA-Writing a Narrative-A Time I Won Something, Math-4th Grade common assessment on Place Value

Homework-No Homework! Have a good weekend!


Week 7 (October 8-12) ***K-5 Writing Narrative Testing***

Day 1-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Ff,  Motivational Monday-Greatness, ELA-Writing a Narrative, Math-Rounding, Science-11:30-2:00pm "Time for Science" Field Trip

Reading-Practice Making Inferences (first half of page only), Math-Rounding Practice

Day 2-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Gg, ELA-go over homework, Planning Your Narrative for the Writing Test, Inferencing Practice, Math-rounding as an estimation strategy, Science-Science Study Guide

Homework-Reading-Inferencing (second half of page), Math-Rounding Practice, Study for Science Test

Day 3-bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Hh, ELA-Writing Test, Math-Rounding Quizizz, Science-Test

Homework-Inferencing & Rounding Addition and Subtraction Problems

Day 4-No School due to weather

Day 5-2-hr delay, bellwork-cursive handwriting the letter Ii, SGA Elections-speeches and voting, finish the writing test, assign Fall Poetry Project, Math-4th Grade Common Assessment on Addition and Subtraction

Homework-Work on Fall Poetry Project due October 17th

Week 8 (October 15-19)

Day 1-bellwork-cursive Jj, Motivational Monday, ELA-go over inferencing homework and inferencing test, play inferencing game, Math-go over Math homework and Math test, Math Mystery

Homework: ELA-Theme, Math-Raven Multiplication

Day 2-bellwork-cursive Kk, ELA-theme vs. main idea, Math-prime or composite numbers, Science-go over test

Homework: ELA-Theme, Math-Prime or Composite Numbers, Practice Multiplication Flashcards

Day 3-bellwork-cursive Ll, ELA-theme vs. main idea, Math-Prime of Composite numbers whiteboard game, 2 by 1 multiplying, Social Studies-The NC State Capitol Building, Field Trip Forms and Money due, Fall Poetry Project Due, 1-1:30 Character Education with Mrs. Strickland

Homework-ELA-Theme, Math-2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, practice multiplication flashcards Homework not due until Friday

Day 4-4th grade Field Trip to Raleigh

Day 5-bellwork-cursive Mm, ELA-Theme 4th grade common assessment, Math-Halloween Multiplication Games, 10:30-10:45 book fair preview, End of 9 Weeks