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Greetings Parents and Legal Guardians,

My name is Mrs. Bridges, and the purpose of this page is to answer some common questions that you may have. If you do not see your question answered, or if you would like to know more about a specific topic, please feel free to contact me. BJH: 870-864-5052, Cell: 870-315-0488, or Email:

How will my child be graded?

Each 9-week period's grading system is divided into the following categories: Tests, Quizes, Classwork and Homework. Tests are worth 100 points each, and in the course of one 9-week period we have approximately 9 tests. Quizes are worth 50 points each; about 6 quizes are given within a 9-week period. While "Tests" focus on a chapter or topic in its entirety, "Quizes" break down the material into smaller pieces. Quiz points are usually awarded for completing a study guide or when testing vocabulary only. Classwork consists of our daily activities such as "Bell-Ringers" and participation. Classwork is typically worth 10 points; however, if the task takes more time and effort some "Classwork" assignments may be worth more points. Pretty much the same thing for Homework. Most HW is worth 10 points, but if it's a hw assignment that takes several days the points will be higher. In addition to the methods stated above, there is also our History Project (3rd 9-weeks) that is worth 500 points.

What is your make-up policy?

I adhere to the school's make-up policy which indicates that all make-up work is to be done within 2 days upon your child's return to school. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, these are your guidelines. If the absences occur when our History project is due, arrangements should be made to deliver the project to school if at all possible. According to your handbook, no extra time will be given for projects unless arrangements are made before the due date. All assignments that are missed by the student will be located in their period's folder in the back of the class.

When can I see my child's grades, graded test papers, or gpa (grade-point-average)?

There is one parent/teacher conference per semester in which you would be able to view all graded papers from that point. Test papers do not go home with the students because they tend to never make it back due to accident or misplacement. Teachers are responsible for keeping all student tests for 3 years.  Your child's current average will be available for your viewing at You must obtain your Edline code from the counselors' office located at the front of the school. If you do not have Internet access at your residence, there are computers located in the counselors' office for this purpose. Before our mid-term exam and our final exam gpas are given to the students. Of course, at any time you may contact me for your child's average and I will have it for you within two days (or less).

How can I find out what my child is studying on a weekly basis? How can I help my child to do better?

On our school website,, you will see any basic information as to what can be expected in my class on a weekly basis. You can also gain that information from my personal website (the one you are on now). Downloads for my study guides can be obtained, as well as, links to helpful sites. Just reading through the study guide material with your child a few times will increase their achievement level. Sometimes you just have to find what methods clicks for you and yours.