Daily Task Information

Math Practice and Math Game Links
Miscellaneous Math Games
8th Grade Math Concepts
Tons of Decimal Activities- Multiplying, Dividing, Converting to Fractions and Percents, etc.
Pre-Algebra Math
Online Board Games
Practice adding/sutbtracting integers  http://amby.com/educate/math/integ_x1.html
Here is practice when you are ready to be quizzed over integers     http://www.gamequarium.com/integers2.html
Order of Operations
Want to challenge yourself with Order of Operations?  http://amby.com/educate/ord-op/pretest.html
Follow these links in order to help yourself understand the concepts of fractions better!
1. Simplifying Fractions
2. Adding/Subtracting Fractions
3. Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers and Whole Numbers
1. Dividing a Decimal by a Whole Number
2. Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal
Algebra Math
1. Multi-Step Equations
2. Solving Equations by Adding Like Terms
3. Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
3. Solving Equations with Distributive Property
4. If you're having trouble understaing how to solve equations, this link is for you!
All About Equations
Algebra Games
1. Algebra Jeopardy  You can buddy up on this one and play Jeopardy with equations!
2. Matching Words with Expressions  Match the words with the Algebraic expression they represent!
3. Matching Equations with Words  This is a benchmark and important to know!
Linear Equations
Want some fun activities with Linear Equations?
1. Online Quiz- http://www.mathsisfun.com/quiz/linear_equation_test.html
Create a Graph
1. Go to Create a Graph website and click on "Pie Graph" to make your own printable pie graph displaying how you spend each day (24 hours).
2. Your "whole" is 24 hours.  Each slice of your graph will represent a section of your day. (Example: sleeping may be 8 hours, your total time eating each day may be 1.5 hours, etc.)
3. Be sure to read the steps carefully and follow directions!
4. Show Mrs. Christian when you are done and BEFORE you print.
Box-and-Whisker Plots
Having trouble with Box-and-Whisker Plots?
Go to this website to learn more and do an online activity!