Reading Groups

Reading Groups:



Your child will in flexible reading groups. What that means is that he/she may move to another teacher’s group, depending on where his or her reading need lies. As your child becomes a more fluent reader, he or she may stay in the same reading group and move on at the same pace as the other children in that group or if your child is moving at a more rapid pace, they may be moved to a new group. If after the initial grouping, we [the other first grade teachers and I] discover that your child needs extra practice before moving on, we may put them back into a previous reading group. What it all amounts to is that we will do our best to make sure that every child is receiving instruction on a level that will help him or her succeed at reading.


Something I ask of you is that you NOT compare your child’s reading level to that of a another child. Not all children learn to read at the same pace, just as they don’t all learn to walk or talk at the same pace.