discipline and piggy banks


Discipline:  Each week all students are given five dollars in their “piggy banks”. If a student breaks a general class rule, he or she will be asked to remove a reminder dollar from his/her piggy bank and place it at his/her seat. If at the end of a specified time period [for example the behavior occurs during Math time then the specified time would be the end of Math class], the child’s misbehavior has not continued, the child will be allowed to return the dollar to the piggy bank and no report will be sent home as we all make mistakes and the proof of learning from them is not repeating them.


If, however, the child continues to misbehave, the loss of the behavior dollar will become permanent. On Friday afternoons, children will be allowed to spend their dollars on activities such as extra center time, puzzle time, dinosaur time, etc.


Each dollar lost equals ten minutes of lost activity time. If a child looses one dollar or two dollars I will jot you a note in the communication folder. If a child looses three dollars, I will call you. If your child looses four dollars, it will result in complete loss of activity time and I will call you. If a child looses five dollars, I will call you for a phone conference and the child will spend activity time in the time out room with a loss of Friday snack privileges.


Some behaviors result in automatic sign-up for the time-out room, such as:

·         Violent outbursts/hitting, biting, screaming, throwing a fit, etc.

·         Knowingly using profanity

·         Stealing

·         Intentional lying