Homework! (Everyone's favorite)

HW Calendar is located on BlackBoard.


You will have HW every night in math. The good news is that it will be practice of the skill(s) we worked on in class and should be quality practice that doesn't take an inordinate amount of time. (If it does, we need to talk.)


Our HW and Classwork grade accounts for 10% of our quarterly grade. That grade will be calculated as follows. Each student starts with a 100%. Any day that HW is not completed will deduct 2 points from the student's Homework and Classwork grade. HW without work is considered no HW for that day. Off-task behavior, including not doing one's classwork or interfering with others' learning or classwork can also result in the loss of that day's 2 points. HW/Classwork grades are posted weekly, so you can keep up with your student's progress. At most, I have 52 minutes with your student. Every one of those minutes, plus preparation at home, counts!

Homework Abbreviations


TB = textbook               WB = workbook            HO = handout            OSP = on separate paper


Homework Guidelines

These are to followed every night for every problem! Doing so is the only way to get full HW credit. Also, these habits will serve you well as math gets more difficult throughout school. 


1. Head your paper properly

2. Fold paper in half.

3. Number each problem and circle problem number

4. Write out problem

5. Show all work used in solving. (No work in your head. HW without work will not be given credit as complete.)

6. Box your answers

7. Work down the left side of the front of your paper, then the right side. Then turn page over and do the same down the back (left side first, then right).


"Excellence is not a singular act; it's a habit. You are what you repeatedly do. - Aristotle