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Karen Cangero

7th grade Pre-Algebra Honors

Pine View School



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Happy First Week of School - it's going to be a great year!


There is so much to learn in 7th grade Pre-Algebra. We'll stay very busy, preparing for high school Algebra next year! I truly enjoy teaching math all day long and getting to do so in a STEM Smart Classroom of Tomorrow! We use our technology to check HW daily, get a close look at what I'm doing from any seat in class, and get to work with our table groups on problems together.


My philosophy is that everyone can excel at math. It takes more practice for some than others--just like some pick up dancing, chess or golf easier than most. I will work hard to bring out the best in your child in math--and I need them to work hard in order to accomplish that. Please expect nightly HW. (It will be posted on the calendar here along with the day's classwork. Textbooks will be sent home as an extra resource.)


Class emails are by far my most common method to communicate. I send out class averages after every assessment and occasional reminders. Please be sure your email address (not your child's) is in the school computer system (Gradebook), as those are the addresses I use. Finally, I put out interesting math and school (and sometimes cats and baby animals) related info through my Twitter - @MrsCangero. Feel free to follow. (It is completely kid-appropriate!)


Our textbook series has a multitude of resources that we can use for free online, these are great supplemental and extra help resources. Our complete notebook (which will be a math masterpiece) is available online through OneNote on MySCS, so kids can always stay up to date. Absences are very easy in my class. Each day's notes are available in OneNote. Textbooks are at home all year, so concepts can be read and online resources used. Homework and classwork are posted on our calendar! Kids are expected to return to class caught up. If they are asking me what they missed upon their return, they are now an extra day behind. (Trust me, we don't have the time in pre-algebra!)


I know that we are going to be very busy in math, but we will have a good time too. Kids will stretch their analytical thinking capabilities, learn to work positively in a group setting and learn to solve real problems, not just get answers. It's a tall order, but I know we can do it!


Here's to a fabulous year!

Mrs. C


Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't Work Hard. --Tim Notke


This is what I look like at 5:15am!

And, why I have no interest in

teaching high school! laugh