Supply List

Supplies List

Mrs. Cangero

Math Pre-Algebra

Grade 7


  • 1-inch loose leaf binder with a front pocket 

  • 2 graph paper composition books (one for each semester) 

  • TI-30Xa calculator (not needed until 3rd quarter) 

  • Loose leaf paper and ¼” graph paper for binder (keep replenished) 

  • Pencils with erasers (replenish as needed) 

  • Highlighters or colored pencils or colored pens 

  • Marking pen 

  • Classroom donations (please!): 

    • A-F: 2 packs loose leaf paper 

    • G-L: 2 packs of ¼-inch 3-hole graph paper 

    • M-R: 2 large boxes of tissues 

    • S-Z: 2 containers disinfecting wipes

  • Folder at home to keep math work and papers in as we finish each chapter (study materials for the final!)

"Every day that I learn something is a good day."  - Mrs. Cangero