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Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts!


Mrs. Carrillo

My Favorite Quote:

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail."          - Confucius

1.   1 two-pocket plastic folder with prongs in the middle. 
2.   1 pack of notebook paper (150 sheets) - college or wide ruled.
3.   Pens and pencils - You may write in either pencil or blue/black ink only.
4.   2 glue sticks or school glue - any brand.  

Those students who continuously come to class on time, prepared, and eager to participate will earn Crusader Cash.  Cash can be used to win prizes during the year.  Crusader cash can be used to participate in school-wide activities and buy supplies from the school store.

Parents will be notified of issues with a Student Intervention Report (SIR) before detentions or referrals are written.  Together we have to try to fix the problem before we discipline it.  There are exceptions, however, when the behavior is so unacceptable that all steps are bypassed and a referral will be written immediately.

Strike One:  Warning, talk to student, SIR step 1 
Strike Two:  Warning, talk to student, SIR step 2, parent contact
Strike Three:  SIR step 3 and detention written
Strike Four and beyond:  Referral

There will be an opening activity/question/practice to complete.  You should begin it before the bell rings.
  • Monday - Literary Term
  • Tuesday - Greek/Latin Root
  • Wednesday - Using roots in sentence writing
  • Thursday - Wise Words Writing
  • Friday - Correct the Paragraph


What might be ok to say in your house with your parents, isn’t appropriate here.  Part of growing up is learning when and where you can say certain things.  My class is a G-rated “Disney” movie.  If it isn’t said in Cinderella, it shouldn’t be said in my room.  Slang like “You’re retarded,” “That’s what she said,” “That’s gay,” “What the…” and whatever new phrases come up won’t be tolerated.  

If I see it, I take it.  If I hear it, I take it.  That’s the school policy, and I will enforce it.  However, there might be times when you are allowed to use it in class as either a reward or part of the lesson.  If you’re caught doing something else, a SIR will be written.  Confiscated cell phones may be picked up in the front office by a parent if it is taken.

Every Monday you will copy important assignments into your agenda book.  If you lose your agenda, copy the week on a sheet of paper and add to it for the rest of the year.  Because there’s so much to learn in Language Arts, you might have assignments that will be done at home.  It is your responsibility to write down homework assignments in your new agenda book and ask questions if you need help.  This book is important, so keep it safe.


If you don’t have an assignment on the day it’s due, you may still turn in the work for partial credit the following day. After the next day has passed, it will be a zero.  

You will have one day for every day you are absent to complete work.  When you are absent, please read the agenda on the board then ask me for your missing work.  It is your responsibility to turn in work; I WILL NOT ask for it.

You must be in your seat working on the “Bellwork” before the bell rings.  If you’re in the room and not in your seat, you’re tardy. Three tardies equals a SIR write up. 

Anyone caught cheating will receive a zero on the assignment and will be referred to a guidance counselor. 

No-name papers are taped to the "No-Name" section in the back of the room.  Your grade will be deducted one letter grade if YOU forget to write your name on your assignment.  The same goes for extra copies.  If you need one, ask.  One letter grade will be deducted off your assignment.  Stay organized so you don’t waste the school’s money.

To stay informed, it is your AND your parent’s responsibility to use Focus.  It can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smart phone, so there are really no excuses why you shouldn’t know your grades at all times.  The public library and many community centers have computers you can use for free, and you and your parents are ALWAYS welcome to use the ones in the Media Center.  For directions on how to sign up, you can call the front office at 798-6820 ext. 2000.
I will follow the school-wide procedure of FOUR RESTROOM PASSES PER QUARTER per student. I must approve each restroom pass before a student signs out to use the restroom. ALL STUDENTS must sign out before leaving my class. 

I understand there are times when you might forget a pencil in another class, phone in a PE locker, or need to call your parents.  My answer will always be to use a line in your agenda book and you can go at the end of class.  

Knees go under the desk.  Please don’t have your back against the metal bar.  Also, backpacks go on the floor to your left.  Try to keep them out of the aisle so people don’t trip.  Last, feet stay on the floor.  Please don’t prop up your feet on the book rack of the desk in front of you.
Students are required to wear IDs as soon as they arrive at school.