Mrs. Castro's Super Stars

Mrs. Castro's 4th Graders Rock!

I want this school year to be a very special one for you!  It begins with you making the choice to be the best 4th grader you can be.  I am sure that all of you can do very well, and you will work hard to make your parents, teachers, and yourselves proud of your accomplishments.

Rember, YOU are the person who chooses how well YOU will do.  YOU ae the person who chooses what actions you will take.  I will always be here to help you but YOU MUST MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!!



2 room parents

If interested please send a note with your child.

Parent/Guardian must have a MDCPS volunteer number on file (Background check)

or be able to register with MDCPS volunteer forms.


Kendale Lakes Elementary PAT 

Let's show our support for our school's PAT and be the first class to have all student's join our school's PAT!  

Our school's PAT makes this a better place for all!

Get on out there and tell your friends to join!! Maybe we could be the first grade-level with 100% membership!!

Now wouldn't that ROCK!!