Mrs. Cherland's Treasures

Welcome to First Grade!

Over the next 9 months, our classroom is where
your child will learn and grow. I believe first grade is the most
important year of your child’s education, and I can’t wait to get
started! I hope that together with you and your child, we can create
a year of learning full of fun and exciting experiences that your child
will not forget!


Things to know...



We try to make each child’s birthday a special day.  Unfortunately, however, district policy prohibits birthday parties at school.
Please do not bring cupcakes, cookies, or other treats due to federal food regulations. If you would like to give the classroom a gift, pencils are always fun and inexpensive. 


Due to federal food regulations, we will no longer be passing out snacks at school. If you would like to pack your child a snack to eat at recess, please do so, but children may not give their snack to another child.

Special Person: Pig

Each class will choose someone to be the “special person.”  He/she will get to take home the class mascot and the special journal. In the journal, we ask that you write your child’s name and the date. Then, record your child’s adventures and activities with the mascot. The following day, we will read it aloud to the class. In the event that your child is sick, the mascots must still come back to school. They are never absent, as someone else is waiting to take them home. Please understand that if the mascots do not arrive at the beginning of class time, we will be calling you to bring them to school.


How will you know about all important classroom activities? You’ll read about it in our special first grade newsletter, “School Days!” I feel that it is very important for you to know what is going on in the classroom. So, a new edition will be published each Friday and sent home in Friday's Folders. Please be sure to read the newsletter thoroughly and keep it handy for classroom news!


Bus Riders


For safety reasons, all bus riders must wear a bus tag. Students will be given a bus tag lanyard at the beginning of the
year.  Children MUST be wearing them when they arrive at the bus stop for pick-up each morning. They will not be allowed on the bus without it. Classroom teachers will hold the bus tag during the school day until dismissal. Parents will be responsible for picking up their child at the bus top each school day (see bus schedule insert for drop-off times).


I would like to provide our students with a hands-on program. In order to do so, I will need your support. I will need each family to provide the following:

Large backpack (this is a must!)
1 glue stick or more for the classroom 
1 bottle of hand sanitizer or more for the classroom

A package of baby wipes
I also needs lots of Ziploc baggies (of all sizes), disposable paper service goods; disposable plastic utensils, dish soap, and Lysol wipes or store brand magic eraser sponges.





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It's going to be a Great Year!!!  heart Mrs. Cherland