There will be daily homework (including Friday)

I will post the homework daily in the stream of the Google Classroom. Google Classroom assignments are color coded by day and listed under the topic of Week # and Date

🔴Monday, November 16 Homework
Read 20 minutes
PE 30 minutes log
SOTB- conclusion paragraph
Math: Think central and practice book page 81 front side
Office Hours on Monday 12:30-1:30 Please come in you need ANYTHING!

 🟡Tuesday, November 17- Homework
Read 20 minutes
PE 30 minutes/log
SOTB- final Theme paper due tomorrow. Have a parent or sibling look over your work! 
Geography, Study your notebook, notes and flip book for the Geography test. 
Math: 4.4 Review, Think Central questions 1 & 2 on page 82 of the practice book. 

🟢Wednesday, Nov. 18- Homework
Read a good book! 20 minutes
PE 30 minutes/Log
Math: Big Book pg. 187-188 Mid Chapter Checkpoint tomorrow! (first quiz grade)
Geography - Study for the test! Flip Grid your Flip Book! 
Cells- take a photo of the science notes from today! 
Work hard!

🔵 Thursday, Nov. 19 Homework
Read 20 minutes
PE log
Check for missing/unfinished work! 
Return SOTB novel
Pick-up supplies on Bobbell 2-3

🟣Friday, Nov. 20 Homework (Classwork)
Turn in the work from class today
Photo of Cell notes
Create a cell- Plant/animal slides
Play-doh model, photo
PE 30 minutes/log

Math HW

Each night students will complete a practice book page, Think Central lesson in the Portal, and 10 minutes of MobyMax fact Fluency on the Portal. Most homework will be graded for completness. We will go over difficult problems the next day in math. If your child needs math help, try watching Mr. Austin's Show Me or Mr. Math Blog, both are attached to the GC assignment and also on the Math section of this webpage. 


Reading 20 minutes nightly. Students will record daily reading in their agenda.

We are reading Sign of the Beaver and completing work daily. 

Writing assignments will arise as we work through the trimester. 

Science/Social Studies

Depending on what we are able to finish in class, students may have science or social studies assignments. At times students will need to study for tests/quizes. 

Unfinished Classwork

Students will be expected to finish unfinished classwork from the day during WIN time or for Homework (independent Practice)