Monday, Sept. 20

Read 20 minutes

Math: lesson 2.4 practice book page 35 even numbers- You must use partial product!

Have your chapter one math test signed by a parent and return it to class tomorrow. 

Study for the Mid Chapter Checkpt. on lessons 2.1, 2.2 and 2.4

LA- Finish the "Walk with Teddy" paragraph. The paragraph must include a topic sentence, a summary (your own words) of the story, text evidence and a conclusion sentence. We will put the final 5 paragraph paper together tomorrow in class. 

30 Capitals for Friday! 

Picture Day is Thursday


Tuesday, Sept. 21

Read 20 minutes

Math- 2.1 page 29 # 4 and 6

2.2 page 32 #1 and 2

2.4 page 35 #11

Keep studying for the mid chapter check point

Finish the paragraph for "A Walk with Teddy"- edit for capitals, punctuation and grammar

Paragraph must include- Topic sentence, summary of the story,  text evidence and a conclusion sentence. 

30 Capitals for Friday




Wednesday, September22

Read 20 minutes

Math: finish math poster- DIVIDE 

Check your "Seeing For Yourself paragraphs for spelling, grammar, capitals and punctuation. We will finish them tomorrow in class. 

30 Capitals for Friday

Picture Day was moved to next Thursday 9/30


Thursday, September 23

Read 20 minutes
Finish your math poster - 4 boxes from Wednesday 
Study your 30 capitals 
Study for the DLR quiz #5



Friday, September 24