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Mr. Math Blog

This is a fabulous Resource to all 5th grade math lessons. Use this link for distance learning of ch. 9 and ch. 11

Math on the Spot Videos

Chapter 9 Algebra Patterns and Graphing

9.1 Line plots

9.2 Ordered Pairs

9.3 Graph Data

9.4 Line Graphs

9.5 Numerical Patterns

9.6 Find a Rule

9.7 Graph and Analize Relationships


Chapter 11 Geometry and Volume

11.1 Polygons

11.2 Triangles

11.3 Quadrilaterials

11.4 Three Dimential Figures

11.5 Unit Cubes and Solid Figures

11.6 Understand Volume

11.7 Estimate Volume

11.8 Volume of Rectangular Prisms

11.9 Apply Volume Formulas

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English Language Arts

Wonders Portal


Think Central is your at home connection to Go Math. Your child's 
user name is his/her student ID 
and the password is: school
Go Math

For a math games text link - copy this HTML:

Free math Games for preschool to 5th grade.

Social Studies

Games to practice the United States
U.S.A. games

Printable Map to practice states and capitals
Printable map of the United States

My favorite, Capitals Song 
 Tour the States

50 States and Capitals Rap

Wakko's Song
50 States and Capitals - Wakko's song

State tricks!

USA states/capitals practice

Memorize the 50 States FAST

Musical Stew- States and Capitals song
State and Capitals song #2- Musical Stew

Kid friendly News. See what is happening in the world through kids eyes.

Time For Kids


Raging Kidiots Planet song

I'm So HOT- the sun