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September 7, 2021


I hope this note finds you well rested after a long weekend.  Here’s what we have going on this week! 


Quick reminder of things happening during the week:

  • PE on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • Computers on Thursday with Mr. Gargiulo

  • Tuesdays will be library 


Math: We will be finishing up lessons in Chapter 1 - Place Value, Multiplication and Expressions as well as reviewing skills we have learned. We will test this chapter next Tuesday, Sept. 14. It seems so long ago that we started this chapter. The notes that we have taken in class will be essential for learning these difficult skills. Students who have been diligent with homework practice have had an easier time grasping these concepts. 


ELA: We will take a break from DLR this short week. We will continue next week with DLR #4. I am seeing some progress with students using the “show not tell” method of descriptive writing.  We will also be working in Wonders U1 W3. We will read some interesting stories about experiences in nature. Students will be creating a compare/contrast writing piece which will also include a personal experience in nature. As we read, we will learn about Cause and Effect as well as homographs and vocabulary. 


Poems:  Students will be presenting our poem "Homework Oh Homework" by Jack Prelutsky this week in class. So far, the presentations have been FABULOUS! 


Social Studies: We will be testing on all 50 states this week! Next week we will begin learning 20 capitals. Below is a link to printable maps to practice. https://mrprintables.com/printable-map-of-the-united-states.html

There are also several games on my web page for students to play and practice. We will be finishing up our study of Geography, concluding with a test on Friday. Students will be able to use notes that we took together in class. 


Science: Next week we will be studying the different constellations and how stars can help tell the seasons. This is one of my favorite lessons. 



Please refer to StudentVue/ParentVue to see grades and assignments. Students are responsible for completing work with effort and turning it in on time. Homework is due at 8:00 AM. 



It has been wonderful to be back at school with, in person learning.  That being said, there have been some challenges. Please remind your student that wearing a mask properly is not optional. It is a district rule and is in place for the safety of others. I have been spending a great deal of the day reminding students to wear the mask to cover their nose and mouth. If your child’s mask is slipping regularly, a disposable mask will be provided. We will continue to practice routines and expectations for 2021. My goal is to create a positive learning environment for all students.  


“In a world where you can be anything 

be KIND.”


Upcoming events:

Elk Grove PD Crosswalk Day Sept. 15

ER Eats Out! - Leatherby’s Sept. 16- 5-11

Picture Day Sept. 23

                                                       Join the PTO! http://elliottranchpto.com/ Our class is at- 43%