Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Clubs Ordering Information
Class Activation Code: HXMYB

Dear Parent,
This year our class will have the opportunity to order book from the Scholastic Reading Club.  Each month I'll send home a flyer filled with affordable books just right for your child's age and reading level. Kids read more when they choose their own books, so I encourage you to let your child help make selections.

You might remember flipping through the Scholastic flyer when you were in school, eagerly circling your choices, and handing the form to the teacher. Your kids can do the same, but you can also order books online, which is simple, convenient, and saves time. Please see the message from Scholastic below to learn how to order online and how it benefits our classroom.

Thank you,

Mrs. Clemens

Orders due 9/14/18

We at Scholastic Book Clubs are excited to tell you about our Web site.

  • When you order online, you get thousands more books to choose from, including favorite authors and series, plus exclusive editions of the hottest new books.
  • Every order placed online earns rewards for your child's classroom, including FREE Books and teaching materials.
  • You pay with a credit card on our secure Web site, saving time for you and your child's teacher.


To start ordering online, follow these simple steps:

  1.  REGISTER at Scholastic Book Clubs' secure Web site (, and create your own User Name and Password.
  2.  ENTER the onetime Class Activation Code above to link you to your child's classroom and teacher recommendations.
  3.  BROWSE the wide selection of books with your child.
  4.  PAY safely and securely for your selections using your credit card.
  5.  SEND the order to your child's teacher online, and watch your child get excited to read!