Social Studies

Social Studies

We will start the year with learning the 50 states and capitals. Students are encouraged to practice with the Shepards Soft ware or any other means of memorizing the locations/spelling of states and capitals. 

U.S. A. States and Capitals practice

Social Studies

Games to practice the United States
U.S.A. games

Printable Map to practice states and capitals
Printable map of the United States

Capitals Rap

My favorite, Capitals Song 
 Tour the States

50 States and Capitals Rap

Wakko's Song
50 States and Capitals - Wakko's song

State tricks!

USA states/capitals practice

Memorize the 50 States FAST

Musical Stew- States and Capitals song
State and Capitals song #2- Musical Stew

Kid friendly News. See what is happening in the world through kids eyes.

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