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Web Sites



The website that accompanies our reading curriculum.


This is a great web site to help you learn your states and


The website that accompanies our math curriculum.  Your child
will need a user name and password to log on to the web site.  I
am currently working on getting all student names and passwords
into the system.  Your students user name will be the first
letter of their firstname then their full last name.  For example
if your childs name was Mary Smith, their user name would be
msmith. Their password will be their birthdate.  For example if
your child was born on April 5, 1999 their password would be
040599.  If you have any problems with this site please e-mail
me, most likely I have not entered their name yet.

This web site has some great games, as well as video tutorials. 
If you are having difficulties with your homework, or just don't
understand what we are working on, go to the video section of
this web site and most likly there will be a video to assist

This is a link to a fun song that helps you remember the steps to
long division!!  Have fun!!

Take your AR tests at home!!  Just make sure to let Mrs. Cloma
know if you passed.


This website can assist you in doing all types of research and
current events.


Practice your spelling while having fun!!

Kenn Nesbitt's poetry playground,, is where you
will find lots of funny poems and poetry books for children,
games, contests, lessons, discussion forums, and journals, plus a
rhyming dictionary, funny poetry podcast, school visit
information and lots more.



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