Mrs. Elisa Collins* Study Skills* Learning to Learn

"We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, Using technologies that haven’t been invented, In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”- Karl Fisch, “Did You Know”

Many experts have estimated that in only a couple of short years, the amount of new information generated will double every 24-72 hours!  To stay competitive in this demanding era, students need more than just content, they need to know HOW to access that information, make quick decisions about it, and either apply that information or organize it for later use. Once students enter later elementary and middle school, it is assumed that students already know how to organize, learn, and study.  Some students pick up a few strategies on their own, but the vast majority flounder through the process.  Most never learn that there are more efficient ways to organize and learn; they do not realize that that they can be strategic about school work and save themselves a lot of time and frustration, while also becoming more successful in school.The course I am teaching will focus on how I can help your student become more strategic with how they spend their time, organize their papers, read their text-books, write papers, or study for a test The curriculum is a series of lessons that promote “hands-on,” immediate application to students’ school work.  Each lesson builds upon previous lessons to develop the learning connections that promote retention.  The topics that will be covered include:


  Time and task-management   Organizing at home & school
  Goal-setting   Note-taking strategies  
  Paper organization   Test-taking strategies
  Homework/project planning   Communication & affective skills
  Reading skills   Writing strategies
      and much more




  • I am requesting a few supplies for students, but they are fairly inexpensive.  The list includes: a planner/agenda,( the one from school) 1.5 inch binder, (Trapper keeper style is good), 8 poly binder folders with pockets (if possible), notebook paper, and a file box (or similar storage container for home storage), as well as 1- 2 pocket 3 prong folder..
  • This Binder sysytem is meant to organize all the students classes, this is not just a study skills binder..Students will learn how to organize all needed supplies in one convienent place for now and the future.
  • We call this our IGUANA binder

 I am looking forward to having a wonderful experience with your new middle school student. Middle school is an exciting time for everyone and this will be a great year.

Remember the tips, techniques and strategies we are learning in this class are NOT just for Study Skills you are to take them out into the big wide world and use them EVERY DAY. They will make you a better learner.

The techniques and habits you create today will become your way of life.

Remember it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.... Hurry up what are you waiting for??

Be a learner now... Be a learner forever!