Classroom Procedures

Our class theme is FISH. This stands for Family Involvement Starts Here. We are striving for more parent involvement here at Vena Stuart because, after all, parents are a child's first teacher. There will be papers sent home weekly to involve parents in what your child will be learning that week and how to help them at home. Please read them and help your child work on these things at home!

blue fish

Please make sure to label your child's belongings (lunch boxes, coats, etc...) with his/her name. This will reduce the number of lost items!

Your child will be given a “FISH folder” and “FISH bag.” These will come home everyday and need to be brought to school everyday. Your child will NOT need a backpack. The bag we provide will be the only one they use.

 Homework: Homework will be sent home on Monday. There will be 4 pages in the packet. Your child will do one per night and return the completed packet on Friday. Homework is expected to be done neatly with a name put at the top, just like we do at school. Guide and encourage your child during their homework time, but please allow them to do their own work. A set of supplies will need to be kept at home for homework. This includes crayons, glue, scissors, and pencils. Work should not be done in marker or pen. Remind them to put their name on it! There will also be pages in the "Extra practice" pocket that are great things for your child to use to practice letters and sounds, reading, and any other things we are working on in class that week.

 Lunch: Lunch is $2.60 per day. Please send lunch money in an envelope with the child's name and purpose of the money written on it. The envelope should be put in the money pouch in the FISH folder. Money should not be in student's pockets.

 Birthdays: Please let me know if you would like to bring anything in to celebrate your child's birthday. We usually have birthday celebrations after lunch (around noon), but I will need advance notice to be sure to plan time in the day for the celebration. Any treats brought in must be store bought, not homemade.

 Early dismissals/tardies: If your child will need to be dismissed early, please send a note in the morning informing us of the dismissal time. Please try to arrive on time in the morning. Any student arriving after 7:30 am must go to the office for a tardy slip and will be marked tardy for the day. Any kindergarten student arriving after 10:23 am will be marked absent.

 Transportation: If your child's transportation home is to change they MUST have a note signed by their parent or guardian or you must call the school and let the office know of the change. When picking up your child, please be sure your child's car tag number is displayed in the window so teachers can clearly see it. We cannot release your child to you without that number. This is for your child's safety. If you have not been assigned a number, please let me know and I will get you one. Also, be sure that anyone picking up your child is on the approved pick up list you filled out during registration. If a person is not on that list we cannot release your child to them. Kindergarten dismisses at 1:15 pm (during phase-in kindergarten dismisses at 11:30 am!). Please be on time. Teachers begin their planning time and meetings promptly at 1:30. If your child is not picked up by 1:30 pm, he/she will have to be dismissed through the office. Vena Stuart has a wonderful before and after school program called “Super Stars” if you are unable to pick your child up at that time. Information about SuperStars is available in the office.

Scholastic Book Orders: About once a month I will be sending home a scholastic book order. This is a great way to build your child's library! They have special books featured each month at low prices, as well as games and computer software. If you would like to make a purchase, send the order form back to school with a check made to Scholastic Book Orders for the correct amount.