Student Tools

This page is dedicated to help students with educational struggles they may be having with learning, organization, studying, motivation, etc. I have included several links below that I find to be helpful to students who may be struggling in these aspects. The links are described to help further guide your navigation; this will tell you what the link is all about and how it may help you.

This link is filled with helpful hints about how to study, how to learn best, how to stay organized, how to stay motivated, managing your time, overcoming stage fright when presenting a project/presentation, and test preparation tools. You can view this information in over 30 languages! (Last viewed 4/11/2012)

This link is a less formal web page that explains the importance of organization in more depth. It includes helpful information about what you should organize, why you need to be organized, and how. Don’t like to read? They have a more visual version of the information in power point form! Check this out. Organization is extremely important to be successful! (Last viewed 4/11/2012)

More to come... check back!