Parent Tools

Smart Phone Application Tools

Free Applications:  Sky View, Graphing, Motion Math, Spark Notes, ABC Phonics Awareness, Flash Cards

Applications that may cost: Stack the States, Math Bingo

                 If a student needs extra practice or exposure at home, these tools may be extremely helpful! Most of the applications I have listed are free! I am a science, math, and reading teacher so all of the applications I have listed are related to these three content areas. However, similar applications can be found for any content area! Have fun and explore your application store.


Sky View:This free application is wonderful when studying moon phases and sun and moon paths. In this application you can change the date and time to whatever you wish to study. You can also view real satellites and use the smart phone to measure elevation, declination, and azimuth values. There are several modes to study astronomy with this application including landscape, gyroscope, and augmented.  This is a fun way to teach students as a teacher or parents and can be a fun way for students to teach themselves.


Free Graphing Calculator: This application is like a scientific calculator but has all the powerful functions a graphing calculator has as well. It allows you to graph multiple equations at once and allows you to clearly label your graph. This application also has a special reference tab that lists all the important formulas for math including formulas for algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, and classical mechanics. This is a great way to save money if you already own a smart phone, rather than buying a 100+ dollar graphing calculator.