Each 2nd grade student at our school is provided with an Agenda where they should write down their Homework.  I will also be communicating with you personally about any questions I may have or behaviors that you may need to be aware of. 

Your student will be responsible for the following nightly assignments:

  • Reading 15-20 minutes
    • This should be reading an Accelerated Reader (AR) book from the school library.  If your child has not brought home their Library Book, then please write this in their Agenda, so that I can help to remind them the next day.  If you do not have a Library Book, then please read something else that you may have at home (examples:  books, appropriate newspaper/magazine articles, etc.)  PLEASE fill this out on your child's Reading Log
  • 1 Spelling Assignment
    • May be a worksheet or written assignment.
  • 1 Math Assignment
    • Most often, this is a worksheet. 
  • SIGNED Agenda once Homework is complete.

HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK OF ______________________________