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Mèsi Anpil !



Welcome !
 I am looking forward to an exciting year.
 We will be investigating many interesting topics in Science class this year.
My  greatest expectation is that every student will work hard and  succeed in Physical Science/Earth Science classes.
 I will look for  every student to give his/her best effort the very first time; to have strong math skills;
to complete assignments on time; to be  willing to ask questions ; take advantage of 'study hall' periods;
 to commit daily to the  Physical Science/Earth Science course work and  to handle the pressure of  'timed tests and quizzes'.
 Contact information:
Email address: dautruche_m@hcsb.k12.fl.us

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Give the World the Best You Have ANYWAY!!!
Kent Keith- " from The Paradoxical Commandments"

Always Go Forward. Do Your Very Best!

" The Good That You Do Today Will Be Forgotten Tomorrow.
   Do Good Anyway" K.Keith


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III. Required Materials*1

All students must come to class each day with the following materials:

  • Composition Book
  • Pencil/ Pen/ #Colored pencils
  • Calculator/ Tape/ #Scissors/# Glue

  *1*purchased-resource: Ms Razz, TpT store

Classroom Policies-{ See Materials given in class.}

Expectations for Your Behavior- To ensure that this will be a safe environment conducive to learning, these rules will be followed:

1. Be on time.  
2. Only one person may speak @ a time. .
3. Follow all rules & regulations listed in your student handbook.  
4. Respect your teachers, staff & students. .



Cheating Policy *1 *purchased-resource: Ms Razz, TpT store

Your grade is a reflection of your skills, knowledge, and understanding of the course

content. Therefore, any work that is not your own will not be accepted or assessed.

Cheating is an act of dishonesty which shows disrespect for self and others and shows a lack of

responsibility to apply oneself to completing satisfactory work. If evidence of cheating is found,

it will result in an office referral, contact home, and a zero (0) on that activity in which there is evidence of cheating.


*1 *purchased-resource: Ms Razz, TpT store

V.  Communication*1

"I will  post on my class website updates, announcements, lecture notes references*, and assignments for students and parents to access.  If you ever want to know something, check the website first! Students and parents are also encouraged to contact me via email, and if you attempt to see me after class.  Students are also strongly encouraged to attend after school tutoring*( Tuesday, Thursday, and by appointment) from 2:20-2:40 if they ever need help!"


Class Website: https://educatorpages.com/site/MrsDScienceClassesFL17/pages/our-classroom-website

// MrsDScienceClassesFL17.com

Email: dautruche_m@hcsb.k12.fl.us



Our class website:

Our School website:




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