About Me

5 August 2011 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My name is Mrs. Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers and I will be your child’s 7th grade Science teacher for the 2010-2011 school year.I was born in Athens, Greece, and I went to grade school in Tucson, Arizona and Falcon, Colorado.  I was fortunate to have a father in the military and travel in my younger years verses my high school years!  I attended elementary, middle and high school in District 49, and am very proud to have the pleasure of giving back the great education I received from the district. 

I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in biology and chemistry from Northern State University, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and completed my Masters Degree in Space Studies through Regis University in June 2009.  This is my fifth year at Horizon Middle School.  I was honored as the Colorado Aerospace Educator of the year in 2009 by the Air Force Association, and am a Teacher Liaison for NASA/Space Foundation.  I spent 2 weeks in the summer of 2010 at the University of Maryland conducting research in their Microbiology lab with the FDA, and presented my findings in December 2010 at a National Conference.  I currently teach Biology I, Biology II, Astronomy and Zoology at PLC-Night School.  I am the 8th grade volleyball coach.  I played Rugby for 3 years in college.  I am thrilled to be sharing my love and passion for Science with your student.This school year is going to be an exciting one. Your child will experience hands-on science. We will be studying a variety of science topics which includes: human body, cells, plate tectonics, Newtons Laws etc...

My goal is to instill, within your child, a lasting appreciation and interest in the Sciences.  Students will be constructing Lunar/Mars Bases, conducting numerous science experiments, and keeping a science journal.Parents are the most important people in a child’s life, and we need to work together for the benefit of your child. I need you to support my academic homework, and discipline efforts here at school. With school and home working together, I know that each and every student can have his or her most successful school year yet. I am looking forward to meeting you personally at our Open House, which isPlease contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you, 

Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers
Horzion World IB Middle School
1750 Piros Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
(719) 495-5210 ext: 4140
 I believe teachers must have an innate passion for teaching.  Teachers are born teachers, it is in their souls.  Enthusiasm and passion for sharing knowledge must be conveyed every hour of every day when teaching is taking place.  I believe teaching and learning is a tapestry, not a thread.  All must be woven together for the final product to be complete.”
Mrs. Dalzell-Wagers
Code of Ethics