Classroom Management



Students have written their names on clothespins to represent themselves. All students start at green at the beginning of the day and have the opportunity to go either up or down depending on their behavior that day.

When a student does something severe enough (causes disruption were the teacher needs to pause instruction) they are asked to move their clip down one level. If a student is asked to move their clip to yellow, orange or red the student will go to Time Out (three minutes for every level below green). The student also will self-report their behavior on slips that are stapled to the student’s Weekly Behavior Report. We hope that the red area will not have to be used.

For the students in the green, blue, purple and gold areas, they get an extra “Good For You” ticket for that day.  They write their names on them and put them in the Superstar Jar. At the end of the day five tickets are selected and those students pick out a small prize.

Table –

Points can be earned by tables for working quietly, being on task, respecting their peers, the classroom, and guests. Once the table reaches 60 points the students at that table get a prize. Sometimes a sweet treat, sometimes extra computer time, you never know what the prize will be. The points are erased and the process starts all over.





Class –

The classroom has the opportunity to earn points too. The marble system is used only by the teacher, who will move a selected amount from the basket to the glass jar for great behavior. Marbles can be taken away from the jar for “Classroom Crazyness”, this is when the teacher finds it difficult to continue instruction or needs to stop the class activity completely. 

Once all the marbles are in the jar the class then selects a  mystery prize from the Fill It Up  prize poster. I will not give any details here, but the reward is deffinately worth the extra effort.

These ideas are adapted from classroom management practices observed in Mrs.Gonzales' classroom.