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Week of September 10-14: 

Social Studies: Chapter 1: Geography: compass rose, grid system, Equator, hemisphere, map key, locator, cardinal directions, intermediate, directions, Prime Meridian, map skale, inset map

Science:  Chapter 1: Matter:  element, atom, proton, neutron, electron, compound, weight, mass, volume density, buoyancy

MathChapter 1: Division: Review Words: divide, dividend, divisor, estimate, factor, multiply, place value, product, quotient Preview Words: Distributive Property, equation, inverse operations, partial quotient, remainder, variable

Reading Vocabulary Words: Story: Earthquake Terror: debris, devestation, fault, impact, jolt, shuddered, susceptible, undulating, upheaval, isolated

Spelling Words: short vowel: bunk, staff, dock, slept, mist, bunch, swift, stuck, fond, crush, grasp, dwell, fund, ditch, split, swept, breath, tough, deaf, rough

** This week we will begin studing base words.  Students can get extra practice by logging on to the following site and test their knowledge on base words, prefixes and suffixes. http://www.quia.com/jg/66094.html