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JibJab Video starring Miaralis (and staff)!

JibJab Video






We have a fourth grade tradition of allowing the kids to vote for other students as the year ends.  We usually gives these out at our picnic, but will be giving them out at Hyde when it is time to pick up your items and return your books.  

Directions:  Look at the list from YOUR CLASS and choose two students for each category (there may be extra spaces).  Then, go to YOUR CLASS Forms page and fill in your answers!  We will tally the results and let you know who wins which award LIVE on 

**Please have this done by Friday, May 11th!!  

Mrs. Dushack's Tally Sheet (fill this out first):  Click here

Mrs. Dushack's FORM to type in your answers:  Click here


Mrs. Hall's FORM to type in your answers: Click here

Here are some pictures of Flat Mrs. Dushack!  Thank you for sharing!


Click Here for the bonus May sayings!! 

Guess Who?!  Winners:

Students,                                                                                                                                                           Staff 

1st place-- Taylor McConnel (28)                                                                                                        1st place ---Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Quallich, & Mrs. Innocenti (all 28)

2nd place-- Drew Butterri  & Ben Shaver (both 26)                                                                           2nd place-- Mrs. Fiala, Mrs. Weigel, & Mrs. McMahon (all with 27)

Here's a video to reveal the correct answers!


Video of the week starring Miaralis, Drew, Charlie and Cailyn


JibJab Video of Miaralis

JibJab Video of Drew

JibJab Video of Charlie, Cailyn, Mrs. Dushack, Mrs. Hall and Mr. Johnson

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