Mrs. Jackson 4th Grade ELA/Reading and Writing Class!!??


Welcome to our 4th grade website! This will keep you updated on whats going on in our class.  

Curriculim & Instruction:

Our lessons are standards-based. Reading lessons will cover the following: fluency, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Key Ideas and details and Grammar conventions. Curriculums used are Jouneys, Flocabulary, Scholastics.

This Week in Language Arts:

We are focusing on Grammar conventions which consist of punctuations, capitalizations, subjects and verbs.

This Week in Reading: 

We wil continue reading our classbook Frindle. During this time we answer our book study questions and focus on reading comprehension. We have class discussions that expand our vocabulary.

This Week in Writing

We are constructing simple and compound sentences. Next week we will be focusing on Opinion Writing.


This Week in Social Studies:

We are learning the roles of the Branches of Government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

Home Learning:

Students should spend at least 30 minutes Reading. Other homework assignments are given as lessons are covered. Please check class Dojo as well.


Important Resources


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