Summer Reading Assignment

Summer Assignment for Incoming Sixth Grade  - Due September 30th

 Choose one of the following books to read over the summer: 1.  A View from Saturday     E.L. Konigsburg2.  Flush                                Carl Hiaasen3.  Archer’s Quest                Linda Sue Park In a hard-cover or spiral notebook, please  respond to the following prompts: 1.  After reading your chosen novel, complete 10 journal entries about any aspect of the novel.  Entries should be two to three paragraphs each. 2.  After reading the first two to three chapters, predict what the main character (s) action (s)will be.  Use details from the chapters to support your prediction. 3.  Choose one major event in the novel.  State the event and analyze why the event happened.  You may include cause/effect details to hep in your explanation. 4.  Identify the antagonist (character who causes problems for the main character).  List the character’s qualities, both behavioral and emotional (minimum of three qualities) and his/her actions.  Does the antagonist have any admirable or likeable qualities?   5.  In a simple chart, identify and list at least two different conflicts (problems) faced by the main character(s) and the resolution (solution) for each. 6.  Define and keep a list of two (2) of the following literary elements:  simile, metaphor, foreshadowing, imagery, personification, irony, theme.  Include page number of where you found the examples.  You may not choose both simile and metaphor. 7.  Vocabulary Words:  In your own words, (with the help of a dictionary), define 10 words with which you are unfamiliar and use in sentences.   8.  Compare and contrast the main character to any other character in the book.  Using a Venn-type diagram, find at least four similarities and four differences. 9.  Discuss the settings (time and place) in the story.  How did the settings help in your understanding of the events in the story? 10:  You may substitute either a. or b. for two journal entries in numer 1, so that you will have either 10 journal entries or 8 journal entries plus either a. or b.a.  Draw or illustrate a major theme in the novel (hand-drawn)  on 8 1/2 x 11 paper orb.  Create a collage on 8 1/2  x11 paper showing one of the themes.  Fill out all spaces.Write a one paragraph explanation on the back of collage or drawing.