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 language Arts for Grades 6,7,8

Grade 6 Reading  We are starting a new unit.  The title of this unit is "How does those who have gone first influenced those  who have gone after?"  The stories are all related to science and social studies. Have your child start a conversation with you about one of the topics.

Grade 6 English  We are completing forms and types of sentences. 

Grade 6 Writing  The class just completed presenting their biographies to their classmates.

Grade 7 Reading  We are working on myths and fables in the literature textbook.  

Grade 7 Writing  The class will be writing their own myth to explain some natural event.

Grade 7 English  We are completing the unit of Prepositions and will have a unit test next week.

Grade 8 Reading  The class has almost completed the book The Outsiders . The class has done a few projects related to the book which are hung on the walls in the Junior High wing.  The class has also had a few quizzes and tests on the book.

Grade 8 Writing  When the book is completed we will watch the movie The Outsiders. The class will write a compare and contrast on the book and the movie.

Grade 8 English  We are just about finished with all 8 parts of speech and their usage.  We will begin diagramming soon.  

Grade 8 has a very short time left with us.  They will be on their way to their next adventure ?????