Course syllabus and expectations

Image7th Grade Comprehensive Science 2 

Course Expectations 2016-2017 


Teacher:  Mrs. Emberton 

Purpose and Content 

The purpose of this course is to continue the educational process in regards to the different categories of science.  We will be learning approximately two units per quarter, with life science being 1st and 2nd quarter, earth science 3rd quarter, and physical science 4th quarter. 

Materials Needed 

Please bring with you each day: 

  • Pens, pencils, eraser, dry erase marker, highlighter 

  • Science Binder AND paper 

  • PBS card 

  • A positive attitude and readiness to learn[Symbol] 

Classroom Procedures 

  • Show respect for yourself, your peers, the school and its property, and the teacher. 

  • Be in control of your emotions, language, and personal space. 

  • Be attentive and listen while the teacher or speaker is talking, including other students. 

  • Be in your seat and prepared for class upon the bell ringing. 

  • Do your best on the task, be neat, and be proud of what you do. 

Behavioral Expectations 

5Ps: Polite, Prepared, Participate

Students are to follow the rules listed above. Failure to follow the rules will result in the consequences listed below.   

Consequences for Not Following Behavioral Expectations (School PBS system) 

  • Verbal warning 

  • Verbal warning and parent contact 

  • After school detention and parent contact 

  • Major referral and parent contact 

Rewards for Following Behavioral Expectations 

  • Success in class!! 

  • Positive notes home. 

  • Stamps in the calendar. 

  • Reward for highest score on tests. 

What if you need extra help? 

I am here for YOU!! Special arrangements can be made before and/or after school if you need additional help and to retake tests/quizzes.  Please schedule this time with me in advance so I can make proper arrangements with my own family. 

Ways to Check Grades 

Students: Log in to the Student Portal using the same login information as your lan ID and password (how you login to the computer). 

Parents: Sign up for the Parent Portal.  This will allow you access to all of your child’s grades and will also alert you if your child falls below a desired percentage. 

  • I will also give out assignment reports intermittently that parents are to sign and have the children bring back for a few extra points. Interim reports will also be given out halfway through each quarter as well. 

Ways to contact me 

The best way to reach me is by email at  You may also call the school at 863-678-4233, and I will return your call as soon as possible.  I have also set up accounts with (class code @aembe) and  Both apps will require you to sign up for accounts, but they are free. These apps will provide yet another communication tool for us. With a returned permission slip, students can sign up as well.  

Grading Policy 

All work is graded on a point system.  This means that any assignment, test, or quiz will be given a point value.  Tests will be worth a possible total of 100 points.  Students will have until a week before grades are due per quarter to retake any tests/quizzes if they desire. Students with test scores lower than 70% are highly encouraged to retake them. Point values for quizzes will vary, and classwork and projects are determined based on the amount of time, effort, and attention the assignment will require.  Partial credit will be given on late assignments.  I will accept late assignments up until one week before grades are due. Eleven percent will be deducted for late assignments.  If an assignment is not turned in, a zero will be given.   

Cheating, plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated.  Students who attempt any of these will earn a zero for the assignment and receive disciplinary action according to the Student Handbook. 

*****The teacher does not give grades to the students.  The students receive the grades they earn!!***** 

Homework policy 

Full credit will not be given for late work (see grading policy). The only exception to this is excused absences.  The student will have the number of days which they are absent to make up the homework.  For example, if the student is absent for 2 days, they will have 2 days to make it up.  If homework is not turned in on time, the student must fill out a Personal Responsibility Report which states why the student did not turn in the assignment. 

Work schedule 

  • Bell work questions will be given daily, and graded, daily.  

  • Homework will be given on Wednesdays and due the following Wednesday.

  • There will be two unit tests given per quarter. Notebooks will be graded at this time, as well. 

  • Collaborative pair activities and classwork will be graded every two weeks. 

  • Labs will be graded as they are performed. 


Students that do not have signed contracts (by students and parents) and are not dressed appropriately according to the safety contract, may be given alternative assignments at the teacher’s discretion. Students who are not following the lab rules stated in the signed contract, will be removed from the lab and given either a 0 for the lab or the alternative assignment at the teacher’s discretion. 

Please know that information on this syllabus can be subject to change at the teacher’s discretion. 

Parents:  Please be sure to read over both pages with your child.  Both you and the student should sign the contract on the following page.  Only the contract should be turned into me.  Welcome to 7th grade comprehensive science 2!  I look forward to a great school year!! 


Mrs. Emberton