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Young Violin Virtuosos of the 21st Century

Hilary Hahn and Joshua Bell are two of the most famous young violin soloists in the classical music world today.  They travel all over the world to perform with symphonies and give concerts.  They have both recorded multiple CD albums.  Joshua Bell's playing has even been featured in major motion pictures.


Hilary plays a very fast Bach solo:

Hilary plays a Paganini Caprice, some of the hardest music ever written:

This is a violin solo version of "Die Erlkonig" or "The Elf King", a Schubert song that we listen to in 6th Grade music class.  Yes, Hilary's violin is the only instrument playing!



             Hilary Hahn 



Listen to some pieces played by Joshua Bell:

Joshua Bell

                   Joshua Bell


                 Here is a piece called "Tambourin Chinois" by Fritz Kreisler who was a late Romantic composer:



                Joshua Bell was also featured in a famous article by the Washington Post, where they conducted an

                experiment to see if people would recognize true beauty in an everyday setting: