Mrs. Enoe's Course Outline

Juan Morel Campos Secondary School

Course: The Living Environment Term 1-Regents

Instructor: Mrs. Jones-Enoe (Email:


Classroom: Room 228

 Course Description

The Living Environment is a New York Regents course in science. Students who complete both fall and spring semesters are allowed to take this Regents exam and to receive TWO science credits towards graduation. The course is offered in two parts (Instructional and Laboratory). This is two of six required science credits. It is a state requirement that students complete 1200 minutes of lab activity before being allowed to take the Regents.


These general units will be covered over the next year

1.      Inquiry                                                           (September)
2.      Scientific Inquiry and Technique               (end September & In Lab)
3.      Natural Selection                                          (October)
4.     Ecology                                                          (October)
5.      Organization of Life                                     (November)
6.     Homeostasis and HIV                                   (December)
7.     Reproduction and Development                   (January)
8.      Hereditary and Genetics                              (February- March)
9.      Evolution: Change over Time                         (March-April)
10.  Human Impact on the Environment              (April-May)
11.  Regents Review                                             (June) 

For each unit, your homework will be assigned ona.      Vocabulary terms and classworkb.       Hallman Textbook or workbookc.       Regents practice questionsd.      Scientific reading from the New York Times Most labs will be relevant to the unit and completed labs must be handed in each marking period.   


Classroom Supplies 

It is essential that you be prepared for learning before entering the classroom.  Not being prepared will hinder your ability to learn and may disturb others.

The following supplies are needed:

·         Several black or blue pens  
·         A  loose-leaf notebook 
·         A calculator 
·         A Lab pencilbox: with children’s scissors, pack of markers or colored pencils, glue and a metric ruler (please label with name and class) due by September 18, 2009
·         Textbook/workbook  

Attendance and Classwork

It is extremely important that you come to class everyday. I believe ABSENCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE for missing work. It is your responsibility to make up any assignments, especially laboratory. Make the effort to contact a friend or classmate to find out what you have missed (in all of your classes).

 Lateness is not to be tolerated. If you are late you must have a pass. Lateness can negatively affect your grade.   

Make-ups will be only accepted up to 4 school days late. (This is equivalent to one school week). After which, it will not accepted. If homework assignments or projects are constantly, handed in late, your grade will be effected.  


On a monthly basis students will receive a copy of the course syllabus. This syllabus is to help students practice good time management techniques and to inform parents of the course requirements.  It supplies students with the ‘Aim’ and ‘Homework Assignment’ for each school day. Absentee students are expected to keep up with the syllabus as best as possible. In the event I am absent, homework may be attempted but is not required. Parents are asked to motivate students to keep up with the syllabus and class assignments.  


All of the rules for Mrs. Enoe are in four groups of respectful behavior

1.      Respect for Each Other

a.      No name calling or disrespectful comments
b.      Raise your hand
c.       Don’t call out or call back
d.      Pay attention to others
e.       Keep your hand to yourself

2.      Respect for the Classroom

b.      No eating or drinking in class
c.       Clean up after yourself
d.      Push your chairs in when you leave
e.       Don’t touch what is not yours.

3.      Respect for Yourself

a.      Dress appropriately
b.      Come prepared to class(supply list)
c.       Use appropriate school language

4.      Respect for EDUCATION

a.      SHOW EFFORT to complete all assignments
b.      Allow other students to learn
c.       Be prepared to learn (awake, having supplies)
d.      Understand that your right to an education comes with the responsibility to learn.  


Your grade will be calculated based on the following categories           

35% Tests/Quizzes/Assessments           
20% Projects/ Work Folders          
15% Homework (must be neat, on-time, and following desired format)           
15% Laboratory work           
15% Daily Classwork and Attendance 

This grading policy is a modification of the JMCSS School Grading Policy. 

Lastly, I am here to help you. This will be a new experience for you and we need to work together to be successful. 


Parents are encouraged to check out my website for updates.

September 2009 will be my 6th year teaching the course, so I know I can help you pass.