September Homework Information

     September 8th
     1 &2
    A) Have your course contract signed
    B) Bring in School supplies AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. BEFORE SEPTEMBER 17
     September 13th
    A)What is scientific inquiry?
    B)Why is everything considered to be a science?
    C) List 10 types of science and what each type studies
     September 14th
    A) Complete vocabulary word definitions, examples and  images for
    inquiry words 
    Observation, Inferences, assumption, bias, research
    b)  For each of the 5 words list a tool you could use to do them
     September 15th
    Start collecting images for the collage
    Regents evaluation test is Friday. Bring in lab pencil box.
     September 16th
    Pick at least 5 sciences and make a collage of pictures (at least 8 pics)representing those images. Overlap the images with labels of the type of science. (example: images of biology include living things.
     September 17th
    Name the control group, experimental group, dependent variable and independent variable for each of the situations below
    a) What type of fertilizer helps plants grow best?
    b)What sneakers are best for running
     September 20th
    )A) What is the connection between math and science?
    B) How are math skills used in science?
    C) Make Sure Lab # 1 has been handed in.
     September 21
     September 22
     Study for test . Finish lab
     September 23
     September 24
    Complete math conversion page.
    List the scientific units of measurement for length, solid volume and liquid
     September 27 9Define Homeostasis__________Internal Environment__________Beaker__________Inference__________Volume__________Sequence__________Hypothesis__________Analyze__________Equilibrium__________Cell__________Erlenmeyer Flask
     September 28
    Study for vocab quiz
     September 29
     September 30
     October 1
    What do you need to keep living? (at least 5 things)
    Why do you think organisms evolve?
    Why do living things need to reproduce?
    Why do some organisms only have one cell? How do they reproduce?
    What does it mean to be interdependent?

    Define:  biology, abiotic, biotic, nutrition, transport

    Describe the 7 characteristics of a living thing.

    Choose a living thing and let me know how you know if they are living.

    What are the two types of transport performed by larger animals.

     October 5



    List 5 abiotic factors and 5 biotic factors in your environment

    Explain why regulation is important

    What are the two types of respiration

    What are the four steps of metabolism

     October 14


    -Create a Dichotomous Key to separate a
    pen, a pencil, a marker, a notebook and textbook.

     October 15

     14 Handout on Dichotomous Keys