Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday nights. 



Every Monday students will receive a reading passage with questions on the back.  There are four questions per day (Monday-Thursday).  Please help your child read the passage and answer the questions.  Discuss with them any questions they might have trouble with.  Reading homework is due FRIDAY morning.


Students also have a reading calendar.  Every night students are to read for at least 30 minutes.  They are to record what they read and how many minutes they read for each day.  Parents are to inital each day.  Calendars will be collected evey TUESDAY for reveiw and at the end of the month.


Spelling/ Vocabuarly

Students will copy 10 spelling and 10 vocabulary words into their agenda on Monday morning.  They are to pick two spelling and two vocabulary activities from the choices in the front of their homework book.  All homework is to be completed in their homework book and turned in THURSDAY morning.  Vocabulary quizzes will be every Thurday and Spelling quizzes will be every Friday.


Virginia Studies

Every Monday students will recieve a set of social studies questions based on what they will be covering that week.  Questions are to be glued into their homework book, completed, and turned in with spelling/vocabulary homework on THURSDAY morning.