EveryDay Math

The new math adoption offers many features, including a website link which allows students to practice their skills while at home.  I will also be able to log-on and monitor their progress.  Although this is a not a requirement of students, it is a very helpful resource to help reinforce understanding of covered material.  Each parent/student will receive a log-in and password code at Back-to-School Night.

For each unit, I will post a Family Letter which will provide you with valuable information.  These letters will include a description of what will be covered in the unit, key vocabulary terms, ideas/games for home, and homework descriptions.

EveryDay Math Website


Unit 1 - Family Letter - English

Unit 1 - Family Letter - Spanish 


 Accessing Everyday Math Games at Home

1) In a web browser, go to the EM Games Online home page at http://www.emgames.com

   * If this is your first visit, click the Technology Requirements link in the left-hand column.  Review the requirements, and run the Computer Test to make sure your computer is ready to run EM Games Online. NOTE: You must allow pop-ups from emgames.com to use the site.

2) Click the AT HOME STUDENT LOGIN button in the lower left of the page.

3) On the STUDENT LOGIN page, fill in the teacher name and student name exactly as shown below.

4) Click the three password symbols circled below. When you click, the box behind each symbol will turn dark blue.

5) Once you have entered both names and clicked all three symbols, click the START button to load the SELECT LEVEL page. The Select Level page may show one, two, or three buttons, but the larger button at the top will always be the recommended game set for your student's grade level. Your student may click any available button to reach the set of games for the indicated grade range. Each game set has a variety of games and challenge levels.

6) After you choose a level, the games menu appears. Your student may choose a game by clicking the game picture.
   - The games you see will depend on the grade level selected in the previous set. 
   - If a game has several variations, you will select the variation you want from a pop-up window.

7) When the game introduction window appears, click the Play Now! button to start the game. Click How to Play for game instructions, or click My e-Points to see your student’s high scores for the game. 
   - The e-Points Leaders button is only viewable while in school.

8) When your student has completed a game, he or she may replay the game or choose another. 
   - To exit a game before it has completed, your student may click the X button available on the game screen.

9) When your student is done using EM Games Online, he or she should first exit the current game to record scores and return to the game menu, and then click the EXIT button (in the upper-right corner of the page) to exit out of the system and return to the EM Games Online home page. At this point, the student may close the browser, or log back in to choose another game.