Communication: Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns and I will address them at my very first opportunity. I believe that parents, teacher and student need to communicate often so that we can be a team. If there is anything that you want me to know please dont hesitate. I will do the same for you. There may be times when you receive an email from me just indicating that your child had a great day. You may also be notified that your child  had a challenging day and this will allow you to inquire with your child what may have occurred. Communicate is the exchange of information and I do keep my email open all day long and try to respond during my preparation time but I may call you from home in the evening as well to discuss. If you wanto to leave me a voice mail of course you can do that as well.

Homework is designed to be a reinforcement of what your child has learned that day. I do not believe in busy work but homework is important. We will use our agendas and write in them each day as a class. If your child does not have anything written in the agenda ask them why as we do write this in class each morning. I expect them to use that as a tool so that you are aware of what is assigned. I will check it periodically but it is also a tool for me to write notes in to you. I may use a stamp or write a note to call me. I need you to check the planner and sign it each night. 

AR is very important and we will be reading each night and writing in our journals what we read. If there is nothing written then I cannot track progress in advancement of reading. Reading more difficult books is essential to advancement of learning. I hope you understand how passionate I am about nightly reading.

Grades: I grade very quickly to ensure that the students are understanding and that my delivery of the lesson is understood. I will record grades and send progress reports often. I believe in communication of student's progress and this will provide you peace of mind. In the event, that your child seems to be experiencing difficulties I may want to meet with you to discuss. Your child learning each day is my passion. I am a mother of two young adults and I wanted to hold them accountable if they were not  doing their work in school.  Unless I was aware of missing assignments I could not support their teacher therefore, I have strong values in this area.

Supplies: I know you may want to support the class with needed materials so I will update this section often and send out an email as well.