Wednesday note




May 9th-13th

The children did such a nice job with the Mass last wee, thank you for all your help. The next time they help with Mass will be as 2nd graders! Our next 2 weeks will be short ones with no school on Friday, May 27th or Monday, May 30th.

Updates & Reminders:

  • Matthew will be student of the week. Matthew can bring his show & tell on Thursday, May 26th.

  • Thursday, May 26th is the due date for all library books-please make sure your child turns in all their library books-thank you for your help.

This week in 1st grade:

Math: We have finished the 9 instructional units in the 1st grade math series. The 10th unit will be a unit of review.

Reading: The selection for this week is a piece of nonfiction, "Sleep is for Everyone". We learn why sleep is important. We also lear details and facts about sleep. The vocabulary words: afternoon, bicycle, carry, hours and parents.


Religion: Jesus told his apostles that the Holy Spirit would always be with them to guide and help them. Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit to bring us peace and strength. The Holy Spirit is God's special gift of love. The Holy Spirit is always with us. We will be learning about the fruits of the Holy Spirit When we love others the Holy Spirit helps us to be joyful, peaceful, patient, gentle and kind. Our special saint this week is St. Thomas Aquinas. Thomas wrote about the Holy Spirit. He taught people how to use the fruits of the spirit in their own lives. Thomas told people to think of the Holy Spirit as a helper and friend When we practice good habits we share the fruits of the Holy Spirit with others When we do kind acts our kindness teaches others about God. We pray to the Holy Spirit to help us show our love for others.

Social Studies: We will continue to study maps. We will also learn more about Memorial Day. We will learn how we can honor and thank the people who made and make sacrifices for our many freedoms.

Science: A high pressure jet of air can send a ball up into the air. We will prove this with the creation of a floating ball game.

In peace,

Mrs. Anderson            Mrs. Oberbroeckling          Mrs. Fetterer