Mrs. Fisk's Class

     I am still thrilled to be in a new classroom! My decorating theme is "Mary Englebreit meets Monster Inc."  I almost bought some stuffed monster toys a couple weeks ago to place around the classroom, but thought that might be taking the theme too far - I'm still undecided.  

     More thrilling though are your students.  I fell in love with these students on Day 1.  We're ending Week 5 and I love them even more now!  My desire is to encourage them to learn and inspire them to love to learn.  I want to challenge them.  I want to help them believe in their ability to learn.  I want them to want to come to school.  I want them to feel good about themselves.  I want them to know I genuinely like them! 

     Thank you for entrusting your students to me.  I look forward to meeting with parents this Thursday and Friday.  If the scheduled time does not work for you, please email me at or call the school at 782-0744.  I am also happy to meet with parents throughout the year at times other than P/T conferences.  Remember - the Book Fair is open during the conferences.  Please take a few minutes to explore.  There is a good selection for varied interests and ability levels.

     This week we began using IXL online Math in the Computer Lab.  Every upper grade student has his/her own account, paid for by the school, which they can access from home as well as from school.  Log in info is available at the conference if you need it.  We also continue to use LEXIA in the Computer Lab to support Language Arts.  4th graders began Music this week with Mrs. Packer.  5th graders began last week.

     Mrs. Hayes, Miss McKee and I are teaching as a team.  What this means to your students is that they have a morning homeroom teacher for Reading, Spelling, Writing, Math, and more.  In the afternoons students study Science and Social Studies by grade level.  This quarter Mrs. Hayes has 5th graders, I have 4th graders, and Miss McKee (a wonderful teacher new to our school!) has 3rd graders.  Each quarter the grades will rotate to a different teacher.  The afternoon time also includes Music, Library, Art, and P.E.  This schedule provides well for 5th graders taking D.A.R.E., and 4th graders learning Idaho History.  This also allows students in the same grade, but not in the same homeroom class, to form friendships and connections with all students in their grade.

     More later...

                                                                                                   Mrs. Fisk