Mrs. Gatlin's 7th & 8th Classroom Website

Welcome, to our online classroom! I hope and pray you all had a wonderful spring break! 

A glance at the week:

Please be patient with me as this is a whole new world for me as I know it is for you as well. I have attached copies of memory, social studies powerpoints, science powerpoints, reading log journaling, etc. that will be needed throughout the course of the next two weeks. The copies of worksheets, workbooks, journals will be available in the packet pickups/deliveries on Tuesday. Thank you for your understanding. 


  1. Literature: Scholasitic Scope- March Edition your student edition password is dipfun3730 to access student videos and such. scholastic scope - March edition
  2. English: Review parts of speech worksheets or writing journal entries.
  3. Vocabulary: no lesson for this week, but next we will resume with lesson 11. :)
  4. Math: Mrs. Weber has provided you with material.
  5. Religion: We will be having a Bible study covering the Armor of God over the next 2 weeks. Memory due next Friday March 27
  6. Social Studies: Diving into South America Jeopardy South America  Interactive South America 
  7. Science: Looking at the Periodic Table periodic table  elements in character
  8. Reading Log: reading log
  9. Typing Agent: (enrichment) Don't forget to log into your typing agent accounts to see who can master the skill of typing. Who will be in the lead this week? Who can pass the dreaded numbers?  

Challenge Activity: (enrichment: which will serve as extra credit wherever you would like) You guys are living through an important time in history, and what a cool idea it would be to visually journal it! A lot of you are so creative, and I could see so many of you letting this activity tell your story in a unique way! visual journal challenge Contact me for more directions if needed. 


I have attached a suggested daily schedule routine if you are not sure where to start. daily schedule The biggest piece of advice I can offer you is to not fall behind on daily work. If you procrastinate on these assignments, it will be a huge undertaking to try and accomplish them at the last minute. So, please do not procrastinate. 

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. My house is a zoo, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. :) God is still in control, and He loves you bunches!


God's Peace, 

Mrs. Gatlin