Mrs.Gaines's 4th grade

Welcome Back!

Happy 2011





Some tips for parents and students for ensuring success this year:

Look for the 'yellow folder' everyday, with notes and homework.

The spelling/vocabulary lists come home every Monday (unless otherwise noted that week). When studying, take those out of the yellow folder and then replace them so as not to lose those half sheets (that can easily be misplacedSurprised).

Almost all homework will come home on Monday, and should be written in the Agendas. Almost all homework will be due that Friday. Look for the Reading Log stapled to the Monday sheet in the Agenda. That must be totaled and signed by a parent at the bottom and turned in on Friday.

On Tuesday look for your student's weekly graded work that comes home in a folder of either red (from my Homeroom students), purple or blue. This needs to be signed and returned by Friday.  


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