Language Arts

 Announcements, Homework, Units of Study, Etc.:


p.429 6-10

p.435 11-15

p.437 11-15 
p.425 11-15
p.427 16-20 
p.375 1-10
p.455 1-10 
p.421 11-15, 21-15
p.423 11-15
p.433 11-15 
Worksheet p.69-70 due Friday
Study for Test Tuesday! 
1-40 odd
41-45 all
46-50 odd
due Tuesday 3/8
Adjective Test 3/8
Grammar worksheets p.57, 58, 59 and 60 due Friday 2/25
p. 263 11-15
p.265 11-15 (only write the article)
p.267 11-15
p.269 11-15
Due Friday 2/18 
1/31- 2/8
1-65 odds ONLY
due Tuesday, 2/8
**Unit 1 Test Tuesday. 2/8*** 
p.25 11-15 
 p.39 1-5
p.41 1-5
Due Friday 1/28
p.17  6-10 (only write the simple subject)
p.19 6-10 (only write the simple predicate)
p.21 11-15
p.23  11-15
Due Friday 
No homework this week! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
p.3 6-10
p.5 6-10
p. 7 16-20 
This homework is not due until Tuesday, 11/30. 
Unit 3, Verbs, Test is Tuesday 11/30.
1-65 odds only
p.191 11-15 ** Not page 190**
p.195 11-15
The Verb Unit Test will be coming up on November 30th 
p.185 6-10
p.187 11-15
p.189 11-15 
11/1- 11/5
p.177 11-15
p.179 16-20
p.183 11-15 
p.171 11-15
p.173 11-15
p.175 6-10
Due Friday 10/29 
Almost all the students finished their verb brochures in class, so no Fall Break homework! Enjoy your Fall Break 4th Graders, and when we get back, let's dive right back in together! 
 The students are finishing up the whole-class conferences. We will begin the unit on Verbs this week. Their homework over Fall Break will be a noun and verb booklet that will be due on Tuesday, 10/26.
The students will be wroking on whole-class conferences this week, and we will also be discussing the rest of the traits as well. They are working so hard, and I am so excited to realize we have some very gifted writers! I often tell the students that with their writing, they have me one-on-one, almost like a conversation; I enjoy that conversation so very much.
This week the students are working on their writing piece, in class; therefore, no homework has been assigned! However, if a student falls behind on their compositions, they may  need to take home a component of the piece (i.e.the editing of the work) and finish up at home (I do not see this happening, as they'll have plenty of classtime).
Also, this week we working on the HCDE Literacy Anchor tasks. This task deals with photo captioning of non-fiction pieces of work. This week  look over newspaper and magazine photos with your student, and discuss captioning with them. 
The study guide (p.152-155, 1-55 odds only) is due on Tuesday 9/21
No homework this week Wink
We will be working on our writing. We are working on the 6 + 1 Traits. A good and helful website is here : and here: We are working specifically on the 'Ideas' trait this week.
1-55 (odds only!) 
This will not be due until next Tuesday, 9/21. The Nouns Unit Test will be the same day 
p.103 11-15
p.105 11-15
p.107 11-15
 Follow the directions written form the LA book. Due Friday, 9/10
 p. 95 6-10
p.97 11-15
p.99 11-15
In LA books, follow the directions. Due Friday, 9/3. 
Writing Portfolios are due Monday!
Also, p. 89 11-15
p.91 11-15
p.93 11-15
In LA books, follow the directions. Due Friday, 8/27
We are studying nouns, so be sure to look for person, places, and things you can discuss with your student
HW: Writing Portfolio due Monday, 8/23


Dear Parents and Students,                                                       8/16/10           For an LA grade, each student needs to have one pocket folder, with prongs that is decorated. We have reviewed an example of the writing portfolio, and it will stay here in the classroom. It needs to be created at home using photos or cut-outs of students’ interests and inspirations for writing.  It needs to be completed by Monday, August 23, 2010. Thanks very much!Mrs. Gaines



Cool LA Website -This website (through has over 90 activities and quizes specific to 4th grade Language Arts/Reading, from 'Author's Purpose' to 'Sentence Fragments', ch ch ch CHECK IT OUTWink -This is a wonderful website that helps build your vocabulary and donates rice to people in need. You can actually watch as your 'bowl' fills up with rice as you get the correct answer (don't be afraid to use a dictionary of you need to!). As the website says, "Somewhere in the world a person is eating rice that you helped provide, " and all from playing a game!