April 20-24

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Google Slide: "Make a copy" to be able to interact with any google slide, here is a link to all available google slides

Sight Words to Focus on this week: can, the, of, and, to

Fine Motor Skills to focus on this week: Buttoning!!  Button and unbutton pants, sweaters, shirts, etc. 

Extra Practice Available: Morning Work, butterfly packet Practice Pages, Caterpillar Numbers Google Slide

Assignments due this week: Activity using sight words, life cycle of a butterfly worksheet

Specials Assignment

Hello Pre-K Parents!

I hope you are enjoying this great weather we are having, (apart from the rain last night).

This week's lesson will focus on FLOWERS! Please look at the "Introduction to Flowers" and the "Georgia O'Keeffe" videos before you begin the new lesson. 

You will notice I have divided the lessons into PreK and K5 this time. You are certainly welcome to explore the K5 lesson as well, if you need or want more enrichment alternatives.

The link is the same to the Distance Learning Google folder.


Please note there are three parts to the lesson. The first parts are preparing the background paper with either paint, or they may try drawing patterns and lines with markers. Once the marker lines are drawn they may use a wet paint brush to stroke over the markers to allow the ink in the markers to run to create "marker paint".

The final lesson is a black line drawing of a flower garden scene using a black Sharpie. If you choose not to allow the use of a permanent marker, than any dark water soluble marker will work as well.

I hope your child enjoys the lesson this week. please remind them to enjoy God's flower creations all around them.

Happy Spring!


PE- (optional)

Hi friends, I sure do miss you all so much! I hope you are having fun at home. Make sure you are getting 60 minutes of physical activity each day. This week I have included a fitness bingo game for you to try. You can do this by yourself or play a game with your family.






Science/ SS



Mon 4/20

Review:  Letter sounds turn sound off unless help is needed. 

Practice: Purple book

Play: Butterfly letter sounds puzzle (remember to "make a copy" to be able to move pieces around)


Learn: Watch Mrs. Giddens’ Video 

Practice: Find objects in the house to measure using non-standard measurement.

Complete: practice page  11.7

Math Journal: Color, cut, and glue the 11.7 math journal page in their math journal.

Read: Kate finds a caterpillar

Sing: Life Cycle of a butterfly

Fun facts:

The butterfly goes through a process called metamorphosis. 

Butterflies do not form cocoons. They form a chrysalis and moths form cocoons.

Watch: Journeys for Jesus: Paul’s journey and trials

Think: Who should I share Jesus with?

Optional: Parent guide 

Act out the life cycle

Tues 4/21

Review: This week's sight words using playdough and a toothpick or pencil to "poke". 

Sight Word Activities for PARENTS | TheHappyTeacher

Practice: Purple book

Watch: : Using paperclips to measure

Learn: (This is a review of yesterday's lesson). Measure the couch using shoes, measure your mom or dad using shoes, etc. 

Practice: Complete practice page 11.8

Math Journal: Color, cut, and glue the 11.8 

math journal page in their math journal.

Whole group Zoom lesson about symmetry.

Have the worksheet with the butterfly and the words: My butterfly is... ready along with crayons or markers.   

No photo description available.

If your child cannot attend, I would like for your child to color the butterfly any colors they wish (using at least 2 colors) but whatever they color one side, I want it to be symmetrical to the other side. Then, at the bottom, they are going to write the words of the colors they used. For example: My butterfly is pink and green




Watch: Journeys for Jesus: Paul’s journey and trials up to minute 9:24

Think: Who should I share Jesus with?

Practice the Bible Verse: 

Optional: Parent guide 


Butterfly Yoga  

Wed 4/22

Flex Wednesday: Use this day to catch up on work or work on packet work from our "butterfly" theme



ZOOM lesson

Review:  Letter sounds in Random Order  turn sound off unless help is needed. 

Practice: Purple book

Learn: Read Measurement IT book to your child. What kind of tools have we learned to use to measure things? 

Practice: Complete practice page 11.9

Math Journal: Color, cut, and glue the 11.9 math journal page in their math journal.

Cut, color, and glue the life cycle of the butterfly worksheet from "butterfly" packet. 

No photo description available.

Watch: Journeys for Jesus: Paul’s journey and trials start at  minute 9:24

Think: Who should I share Jesus with?

Optional: Parent guide 

Painter's tape is one of the best inventions ever. It goes on  (and comes off) easily – whether you’ve got a smooth floor or  a carpeted one (but be sure to test  it first just to be sure). And there’s so much you can do with it! Put it on the floor like a ladder. Then have your chilld see how many rungs they can jump. Can they jump farther with a running start?



Write: sight words using sidewalk chalk

Play: Beginning letter sounds game (make sure you "make a copy")

Learn: Lesson 11.10     

Practice: Today we will explore measuring time! Set a phone timer for one minute and test how much we can do in that time! Let’s start with jumps! We will count and see how many jumps we can do for one minute! Nice work! Next, let’s try and see how many claps we can do for one minute!

Complete practice page 11.10

Math Journal: Color, cut, and glue the 11.10 math journal page in their math journal.

Foodie Friday Ideas:  

Paul's Journey Coloring Sheet (if you a have printer) 

Have your child tell you what is going on in the picture to help review the lesson from this week. 

Dramatic Play: Act out the metamorphisis of a butterfly using a baby blanket. 

1. Curl up in a ball on the ground covering yourself in the blanket to pretend to be an egg left by the butterfly. 

2. Crawl around to be a caterpillar. 

3. Wrap the blanket around to turn into a chrysalis. 

4. Finally, hold the blanket behind you with both hands and flap around to fly like a butterfly.