March 16-20

Week 1 Learning 

These activities are not divided by days, but rather they are divided by 3 Activities for each subject area to gives you more flexibility. 

Have a great day! If you need a break...after lunch, Pre-K always has a 40 minute rest time (where we lay quietly and read books, or sleep if we want to). You can tell your child that their teacher says they still have to rest even at home, because this is still a school day! :)

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Literacy Activities #1: 

Move and Learn: Act out the Alphabet

Watch  The Three Snow Bears

Watch Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

  • How are the 2 stories alike? How are they different? 
  • Imagine you are Goldilocks. What would you do if you woke up and saw three bears looking at you? Draw a picture. Label your picture OR write some words explaining your picture

  • Work: Pick a sight word paper out of the packet to practice the sight word and their handwriting. Remember: Start your letters at the top! We write TOP to BOTTOM


Science Activities #1: 

  • Watch: Learn about Penguins

    • Think about: How to penguins move? Do they fly? Do they walk? Do they swim? What did you see in the video?

  • Watch: Penguin sliding on the ice

  • Experiment: Can you slide on your belly like a penguin? Try it! Try sliding on a floor with tiles. Is it easy or hard? Try sliding on a carpet, or on your bed. Is that easier, or harder? Try “ice skating” on a tile floor with bare feet. Try with your shoes. Try with socks on. Which is easiest? 

    • Do you think a penguin’s feathers are smooth or rough? Why?

    • Optional Activity: Pour water in a baking pan or sheet and freeze it. Try sliding different kinds of objects on the ice and see which slide easiest and hardest. (suggestions: a sock, a rock, a block, another piece of ice, a plastic toy, etc)

  • Get up and Move! Do the Penguin Dance!


Math Activities #1:

  • Read: Violet Makes a Pattern

  • Respond: Make a pattern! You can use forks and spoons, beads, toys, etc. Can you make an AB pattern? Can you make an AAB pattern? Can you make an ABC pattern?

  • Count: Count to 30. Count higher if you can. 

  • Add: Get some toys (or your fingers). Make some groups and put them together. Can you answer these questions?
                        4+1=                     1+0=                        5+2=


Bible Activities #1:

  • Watch: the story of The Big Picnic or read Mark 60:30-44

  • Think: Are there any problems that are too big for God? How can we tell God about our problems?

  • Optional: Family Resource 


Movement and PE Activities 1: 

  • Warm up: Jump up and down 10 times. Stretch your hands up high. Reach down and touch your toes. Twist from side to side. Run in place and count to 15.

  • Move: Build your body and your brain 

Literacy Activities #2: 

  • Watch The Three Little Pigs Story
  • Remember: What did the three little pigs build their houses out of? Whose house did the wolf blow down first? Second? Why couldn't the wolf blow down the third pigs' house? 
  • Come up with words that rhyme with pig. Try writing the words by sounding out each sound
  • Work: Pick a sight word paper out of the packet to practice the sight word and their handwriting. Remember: Start your letters at the top! We write TOP to BOTTOM


Science Activities #2: 

The wolf huffed and puffed by blowing with his lungs. We learned about our lungs and how they hold air for us in STEM using the cola bottle and a balloon. 

  • Build: Build a house like the pigs using household objects and materials. 

                                Image result for science activity big bad wolf 

  • Experiment: Use your breath to try to blow over the house you built. Use a hairdryer to try to blow it down. Which materials held up better to the blowing? 


Math Activities #2:

  • Watch 3D Shapes Video
  • Find as many 3D shapes in your house that you can.      smileyCubes    smiley Spheres     smiley Cylinder   smiley Cones


Bible Activities #2:

Movement and PE Activities #2: 


Literacy Activities #3 

Watch  Jack and the Beanstalk

  • What was real in the story? What was pretend? 
  • Walk outside and find some small leaves. Make a beanstalk picture using beans, leaves, and cotton balls. (See picture).    

Science Activities #3: 

  • Watch How Do Plants Grow
  • What do plants need to grow? 
  • Draw a picture of the things a plant needs to grow.  Talk about how God has given us all these things because he cares for all living things, especially us! 




Math Activities #3:

  • Using dry beans or jelly beans, count to teen numbers (10-20). 
  • First, tell your child numbers.
  • Next, write out numbers and have your child identify and count out that number. 



Bible Activities #3:



Movement and PE Activities #3: 

  •  Seed Dance  
  • Take a walk outside with your family 

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Teddy bear pancakes to serve at a Goldilocks and the three bears party


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