Here are some activities you can do at home as well as videos to practice concepts like money, counting, shapes, and subitizing (being able to see a number representation without counting and say the number). 

enlightenedFind as many 3D shapes in your house that you can. 

  1. Cubes 
  2. Spheres
  3. Cylinder
  4. Cones


enlightenedUsing beans or pasta, practice showing numbers 1-20 on ten frames (found in the packet sent home). 


enlightenedPractice writing the numbers 1-20 using shaving cream in the bathtub or on a cookie sheet. 

 Shaving Cream Writing





enlightenedUsing cereal, beans, buttons, pasta, or small toys, have the students practice counting, making patterns, or sort. 

We rarely eat sugary cereal, which made this activity even more fun for our kids!   It was great, better than a babysitter!   Kept my preschoolers entertained for over an hour!   Maybe these Fruit Loops activities will help you wash your dishes in peace. Supplies Used: Fruit Loops Cereal Muffin Tin Ribbon Learning Activities: First the kids practiced color identification and sorting.   They love to sort!   I gave them two big bowls of cereal and let them sort the various colors into the muffi...       Introductory graphing with toy cars for beginner preschool math. Involves toddler sorting by color and counting, could be done with any objects.  




Counting by 1's 

Counting by 5's  Counting by 10's 

3D Shapes


Teen Numbers