Reading Responses

Reading Responses

Reading Response Journal

Date: _____________

Book Title: _____________

Pages Read: ___________ Response #: ________________





Note: Responses must be at least one paragraph (4-6 sentences) in length.  Responses must show high quality thinking and writing abilities (spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, etc.)

Response Choices:

1) Describe the setting's time and place.  Create a new setting that you think would be better for the story and describe it.

2) List the clues that helped you identify the setting.

3) Draw a line down the center of your paper.  Write a cause (why did it happen?) on the left and its effect (what happened?) on the right.  Do this until you have three causes and effects listed.

4) Pretend you are famouse reporter on TV.  Write a story about what you've read for the evening news.

5) Pretend you are the friend of one of the characters.  Write him or her a letter.

6) Think of a problem that a character had to face.  Write the problem and how the character solved it or is working to solve it.  If you were that character, what would you do differently?

7) Which character do you like best? Why?

    Which character do you like least? Why?

8) Evaluate whether the title fits the story.  Why do you think so?

9) Pick out 2-4 words from what you are reading that you had difficulty understanding.  Interpret what you think each word means based on context clues (other words around that word that might help you interpret what the author means).

10) List three characters and their personality and physical traits.