Word Wall Words

Word Wall Words

Word Wall Words are words students often mispell in their writing.  They are high frequency words which means they are used often.  Students work with these words every day in class and then have a short quiz on Friday.  The quiz not only concentrates on spelling the words correctly but on handwriting, punctuation, capitalization, and complete sentences.  Students are to complete two spelling choices a week (Tuesday and Thursday).  These spelling choices consist of, but are not limited to:

Rainbow Writing:

Write your words three times in three different colors.


Write all your spelling words in a sentence.

Sailboat Spelling:




Scrapbook Spelling:

Cut out the different letters of the words from the newspaper, magazines, etc. to spell your words.

*BE CREATIVE - Do not limit yourself to these ideas!  If something is done at home that cannot be brought in, have a parent or guardian sign the planner explaining what you did.  You can use the computer, the Internet, sand, magnet letters, rice...the possibilities are endless! :)